If you’re “hamstrung” by lack of flexibility …
- And it's a more common problem area than most realize.

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There is a reason I said it the way I did, my friend.


If you injure your thighs, for instance, lifting heavy objects – or, as an Editor of mine once did “tear a quad” (he was in the Jim no doubt) – it’s painful as heck. Everyone knows that.

But in general, you can still walk, stumble about etc.

If you however have a issue with the hamstrings – the calf etc – mark my words, not only is it painful, but it’s nigh hard to MOVE about, let alone walk.

Many years ago, I made the mistake of doing hill sprints when I wasn’t quite ready for them (thats something I keep emphasizing in Advanced Hill Training, by the way, and there is a reason) …

I drove to the park, and did em.

All going great guns, till in the middle of the workout (which had pull-ups too – same me you see on the cover of “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD” within weeks!) …. I heard something “pop”.

Except, it was not the pop and crackle you hear from stretching .


Thats how it felt – and sounded.

Almost instantly, I could barely WALK.

I could barely hobble back to the car and drive back – God forbid I walked to the park, I dont know how I’d get back home!

When I got home, the “wife” opened the door (this was sometime in 2011, I believe, and I wrote about it on the other site too).

“You’ve hurt yourself – again!”

That I had, my friend.

That I had!

It hurt like a mofo, but nowhere near as bad as some of the other injuries I’ve described on here, most notably the thumb popping in and out on that cold night in China that I described in 2018.

Neither one of those experiences makes it to “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections“, maybe if I put out a book on painful recollections/injuries, and honestly, I could fill a book with those too, it would!

Though it wasn’t that high on the pain factor, much like the swollen foot I once picked up which – I had a golf ball sized lump on my foot, if you TOUCHED it, just touched it, I’d SCREAM with agony, it was that painful!

I still remember the idiot doc who was more concerned about my socks than actually treating it, and he drove me away with “lose weight”.

It was more complex than that, water retention and such, of course, he didnt like the look of me from the get go. Some people dont!

(When I didnt really respond back to his “tart” response, the wife was upset at home.

“Why don’t you reply!”

Now, when I do and then some – she still doesn’t like it.

“You don’t know when not to talk!”

Can’t please ’em ever can we, hehe).

But anyway ……

I could barely walk being the keyword.

Thats why they call it being “hamstrung”.

And not just injuries.

I’ve written before – the other day – about how lack of flexibility in the hamstrings, back – upper back especially, and lower too for many of you – caused by sitting for years, long periods of time – especially the Throne also, hehe – (seriously, I’m not joking – that position is unnatural for your body) – can inhibit performance in all other areas, and not just rep counts if you get my drift.

There’s a reason the Chinese say “open the hamstrings” – and you literally “open your life up”.

Theres a reason you’ll see Chinese of all ages stretching the hamstrings and the BACK of the body big time – parks, gyms, everywhere.

Because along with the calves and back and shoulders, most excess tension is stored in this area my friend.

Not good – especially if you want to open your life up to receive MORE of what you want.

Not good – even if all you’re interested in is fitness – and higher rep counts, better performance etc.

Not good – even if all you’re interested in is feeling GREAT all day long.

& thus forth . . .

My great book “Isometric and Flexibility Training” – you guys must have noticed it’s HUGE on training and stretching the BACK of the body.

“You gotta back it up”.

“If you can’t back it up, there’s no point”.

There is a reason those sayings are used.

Most people ignore the back of the body when training – and even if they hit the back, they ignore the lower part of the body – the butt – literally the “seat of your power” (no Glyn Bozo jokes please) – the calves – literally what allow you to SPRINT off the blocks – the initial boost – and the hamstrings, that tie it all together.

If I had to choose just two areas for you to stretch and loosen right now, it would be traps and hamstrings, my friend.

Believe me, the sheer rush you’ll get from stretching the whole body out, especially the lower body “floating on cloud nine” doesn’t start to compare.

And if there is one reason you should get Isometric and Flexibility Training, it is that.

Also in Spanish – which I hear ( based on a few winks and nudges from me) – my daughter has taken up as a second language in school.


She’s the best!

Everyone wanted her to take French, yall know well my opinion on “France” and the whining, losing etc … Hehe.

Well, the French are a bunch of self righteous cunts.

The only thing the French are known for is …

Surrender, Retreat, Collabarate with the enemy, Cheese, Wine, Bad Manners, and Bad Hygiene!

That was back when we were discussing the Aussies gettng their subs from the US and UK as opposed To France, who they had originally signed the deal with.

Of course, the French in typical Tom Tom “Glyn” manner, they never gave them a date on anything, kept postponing it all and so forth.

I didnt quite tell my daughter all that, but I was very vocal about French not being a very useful language at all – Spanish  and German are far more useful, Spanish because it’s the second most widely spoken language, German because … well, Germany!

I did tell her about Freedom Fries tho, hehe.

Anyway …

Isometric and Flexibility Training is out in Spanish as well – and YOU guys can and should get the English version NOW – here.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, paperbacks and hardcovers on offer too, if the erotica stuff is going great guns, hehe, no reason why the fitness books shouldn’t either, all very open that one!

PS #2 – Did I just piss my French readership off no end? Hehe.

I bet so.

I’m sorry (not really).

It’s true though, every bit of what he said, I could add tomes to it from the World Wars … who saved their asses and so forth …

but we’ll let it be for now!

Glyn would love France though, if I’m not mistaken, he codgered money out of some fat ole lady to travel there. Nothing if not a typical TOm tom paradise that…

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