“Built like a brick outhouse”
- So they SAID, hehe.

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I’ve never quite got that comment directed at me, my friend.

“You’ve got a packed chest!”

Movie star looks – and not just the face – the BODY is what I’m most proud of, and the BODY is what (along with the face) the comments were for.

Maybe my one time wife was right when she said “any movie director would hire you!”.

I dont work cheap though, hehe. (Freddie!).

Anyway, that “built like a … ” comment was directed at Statham in the movie mentioned in the last email, while his character was “rubbing up against a wizened old lady’s ass in public (Glyn, watch this space, hehe, he’s been known to actually do that sort of thing with the ladies he scammed later)” – apparently because as his cardiologist friend (whose license was thrown out for some strange reason, but hey – he did transplant the heart back in the end!) said “static electricity between two bodies ” does a good job of keeping the artificial heart “charged”.

Really, the rubbish people think of, and yet, as Statham then proceeds to make out in the middle of the racecourse with another much younger woman, his muscular rump and her panties on full view, with a nutjob in the audience wearing her panties as a hat – I gotta think – what do these movie makers think. Hehe.

Maybe their target audience was Glyn Schofield, he’d love it!

Not the famous horse racing guy, the Bozo from Brum. Hehe.

But anyway – outhouse?

Built like one?

I dont know, to me – Statham is super fit, lean, mean, kicks ASS – sort of has the same look I had in Battletank Shoulders – which I still have – except I’m doing more Lumberjack training these days; more on that later.

Yes, the “look” sometimes changes depending upon how you train and what you focus on, but the basics do NOT i.e. fat free, very little around the midsection if any, a punch proof core, strong legs – diamond shaped calves – all those things do not change , or should not.

To me, “built like a brick outhouse” would be ole Doug Hepburn.

Look at him, my friend.

He’d put any wrestler to shame with that build, and to think he was born with a club foot and not exactly the most privileged of the lot . . .

And his secret?

There is a reason HE is mentioned on the cover of Battletank Shoulders, my friend. Initially I had a picture of an Abrahams tank, which works great too – but him on the cover works even better.

He typifies what Charles Mitchell, a great customer of mine once said about these workouts.

“You have to be part human, part gorilla in order to do these!”


But he’s right, super tough demanding workouts – and the brick outhouse look… well, you’ll GET it if you train that way.

Ole Doug did handstand pushups in sets of 10 all day at the beach while working as a lifeguard.

In ADDITION to his weight training.

Sure, the weights prepared him for the prodigious amount he pushed and pulled.

But read any interview with the great man, and he’ll be the first to tell you that …

HANDSTAND PUSHUPS are what built that pushing strength, not the weights themselves!

At a bodyweight of over 300 lbs, most of it pure muscle, solid MUSCLE, doing handstand pushups on dipping bars, even my “built like a tank” buddy from the Marines blinked in amazement when he heard that.

Thats another reason I keep telling you about dips, if you want to be able to do handstand pushups on dipping bars eventually, you have to train BOTH exercises consistently, daily – and HARD, hard, HARD!

Well, my friend, I’m out for now.

Battletank Shoulders is truly the course that is turning heads everywhere and if you (which most of you DO) cherish the lean and mean yet “built like a tank” look – well, get this NOW.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The pre-orders for what is possibly going to be my best and most brutal course as yet Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness are still coming in. Place thy pre-order NOW. (if you have not already).

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