Every morning get your ass out of bed, and do a 100 pushups.
- Really, just do it!

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It’s that simple my friend, and it doesn’t take long at all – doesn’t take forever, contrary to what you might think, if you workout the way I show you in 0 Excuses Fitness (see the workout videos) and incorporate the style of pushups I teach you in Pushup Central.

AS I sit here sipping watermelon tea, I gotta tell you this – is not only another example of those brief mini workout “snacks” yours truly writes so much about – but it’s one way to get in super shape – quick.

I often do 25-30 pushups right after waking up.

For me, even though I regularly do them in the range of 300 -they serve a purpose.

They jump start my metabolism – and get rid of soreness from the day before.

I start my day off on the right note – fitness note!

I work the triceps and chest while at it – and the BACK – and the legs too.

I get a great stretch in (imperative upon waking up!)

Perhaps most important for me, and for you – the DEEP breathing, and the mental clarity that goes (comes) with it.

“Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well, and many a weak man strong”.

Those words were spoken by the great Martin farmer Burns in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture manual in 1914.

The words are as true today as they were then.

Deep breathing, my friend – I cannot talk about it enough, or recommend it enough. In the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, I even give you a secret tip to recover from being out of breath faster – those that have used it marvel at it’s simplicity – and the ease at which you can do it, and the results they get i.e. back at it shortly.

It cleanses the body, purifies the blood, it is perhaps the reason for my great success at my morning workouts climbing that hill  – all the deep breathing that went with it, and the fat loss!

Deep breathing, my friend, that thump, thump, THUMP you hear within your chest – THAT is the key to burning fat off your frame faster than ever before.

And pushups, no matter what your fitness level might be – do a mighty fine job of getting that deep breathing going, if just for the fact that it works the chest heavily … (and the entire chest cavity where the lungs and heart are located).

Perhaps another reason I felt compelled to write about it is a movie I watched last night – a laughable, hilarious Jason Statham movie “Crank High Voltage” – which is so unbelievable that you might as well just watch it for shits and grins – and Statham, who I have said before makes even the crappiest of crap movies watchable. There is something about that guy!

Stallone didnt choose him as his “to go lieutenant” in the Expendables for nothing!

Movie’s essentially about Statham’s “super heart” which a triad member steals, implanting an electronic valve or something in its place which needs to be charged every hour or so often, or else …and we see that super heart BEATING as they take it out of the cavity.

Perhaps thats what inspired this post – I won’t even get into the movie here, it’s tripe (for me, at least) – but Statham is great as always, and pushups and the deep breathing, my friend, it is something YOU can do anywhere … and the exercise will strengthen not just your muscles, but the heart, cardio and lymph system as well like never before.

For some of you, 100 might be 10 – or even ONE.

Yes, there are tons of folks out for whom doing half a pushup is a massive chore. Trust me on this one!

Just the “getting down”portion ..

And pushup workouts dont need to take long at all.

My 25-50 pushup workouts every day upon arising take like less than 5 minutes – and that is being generous.

You can do em while waiting for your tea to get ready (that is what I do, I put the pot on boil, and let it steam while I do my pushups).

Or, before breakfast or while the cranky ole computer boots up, you boot your own system up …

Or before you (for some of you) wake your significant others up . . .

Trust me, those 5 minutes or so you spend every morning has a massive difference on your whole day, your mindset, how you approach bigger or “main” workouts later – and so forth.

You might think pushups are boring, or “just pushups”, but the truth is, my friend, they are one of the most , if not THE MOST – diverse bodyweight exercises you can do.

In my book Pushup Central, I show you 55 different ways to do ’em that most people have barely ever thought of, let alone do- and these are more than plenty to keep you busy your entire life – trust me on this one.

And even that book is just barely scratching the surface, perhaps I’ll put out a book on advanced pushups next year.

So thats the lesson, friend.

Deep breathing, and pushups – or both.

Start NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A person once asked me why I keep ending my emails with NOW.


Because you can, and should do it NOW – procrastination is man’s biggest enemy, or one of them!

Don’t postpone what you should be doing NOW to tomorrow, or “later”, as that never comes.

Pick up the book NOW, and get started NOW.

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