“Oh so simple” isometrics to build AMAZING LEVELS OF “unheard of” strongman strength!
- Read on - you will love it.

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One fine day, there I was in the park around 330 PM or so, watchin the “Evenings” sink in. Or, I should say, watching afternoon turn into evening.

’twas a peaceful afternoon, very much so, and I kept remembering another park – the one I CLIMB the mountain in – the one where I have spent some of the best and more pleasurable hours of my life thus far – and no doubt will keep doing.

In all my travels, I dont know , that park stands out!

Maybe it’s because it’s near where I lived, it’s near where I lived when I FIRST went to China in 2003, maybe, I dont know, the workout is so solid, so severe, yet, it’s not that huge a hill to completely wipe you out for days (although most first time climbers like yours truly with Ann Lee in 2004 – yes, you’ll feel like a Mack truck ran over you the next day).

Anyway …

So I was so relaxed, at peace with the world and so forth.

Suddenly, my eye chanced upon a STICK.

Hiding in the grass, it was one of those “rattan cane sticks x 10” i.e. a short, stout, bamboo stick you could say.

Or, an “extra thick” twig – almost a branch.

Instantly, I picked it up. I knew this was going to be good!

I looked around for its owner. There was none.

No Glyn Bozo around either to shove it in his rear end. Ugh. The movie I saw yesterday, Statham literally puts the end of a gun into a lard ass’s back side while wanting info from him, and “rams it in” – big time!

Crank 2 is truly one of “those” movies. Ugh. Before doing that, Statham even dips the gun barrel in some icky black construction sludge …

The look on his face when he sees Bozo’s ass (I mean, the Bozo in the movie who had man tits flapping down to his ankles like Glyn does) – just priceless!

Anyway ……..

I started doing isometrics with it.

I tried to bend it as hard as I could. Couldn’t!

Then I tried doing it behind my back. Couldn’t!

Then, I employed different gripping techniques. Same thing!

The stick fighting scenes from Rambo III came to mind – I did some imaginary moves (believe me, stick fighting is very real, very deadly too if you do it right).

Then, I took it home with me.

My wife and daughter were at the time in another park, so I ended up going to that other park to “find em”.

First thing my wife said?

“We’re not cows to herd home!”


But of course, as I knew, my little girl, who loves collecting stuff from parks would LOVE it, and she DID.

She appropriated it almost instantly.

Much to my surprise, so did my wife!

She instantly did stretching exercises with it.

My wife grew up in an area where grown men pound the heck out of each other and where “honor killings” etc occur regularly – and they dont use these sticks – they use massive thick BAMBOO sticks – oiled too.

So she knows a thing or two about Nature in that regard.

But anyway …

You, or some of you reading this might be inclined to yawn and say “so what”.

“So simple”.

Indeed, idiots, Bozos and morons globally will say that – some who have bought Isometric and Flexibility Training and complain about it being too simple.

And I didnt even put “trying to bend a stick ” in the book – the Bozos would have coronaries instantly.

Yet, the smarties?

Ever hear of Alexander Zass, who performed feats of strength like breaking thick iron chains with his bare hands, or bending steel prison bars to literally escape from prison during the War?

Or, maybe the Mighty Atom Joseph Greenstein who once pulled a plane by his HAIR?

You might think the above two instances are heresay, but they ain’t either. There’s videos out there on it, and I just watched a couple of them before writing this to you.

Here is one – so spectacular I had to put it here –

Now, a lot of you – even those of you that pooh poohed the style of training above as being “too easy” might love the video above.

I know I did.

But – did you know how these guys all trained?

Did you know the Great Gama did isometrics to build his nigh prodigious pushing strength – and what he did was this – he simply pushed against a massive oak tree for a while daily.

That is all.

If I put that in the book, idiots have coronaries, yet, here we have one of the world’s best wrestlers period, swearing by this, and several other training methods I teach.

“When I can push that tree down, a man will be easy!” The Gama often said.

Now, he never did push the tree down as far as I know.

Neither did I manage to break that branch.

But my grip was singed, my shoulders, triceps, chest, all were worked in a way they were NEVER worked before when I Did this, my friend.

In China, there is a tool which you can actually bend in this way behind your back in various positions – a rubber springy kinda thing, its great. But doing it with a stick you cannot break – far better!

Anyway, so how did the great Zass train?

I commenced now to think a lot about developing great strength in my fingers. Many things I tried, all helping, some of which I will tell you. I bent thick, green twigs with my hands, these being better than dry wood, which would not bend much before it would snap. I practised this a good deal until my hands became so strong that I could bend even small boughs of trees till they broke. Also I tried lifting stones off the ground with my thumb and fingers, carrying them in my grip for some distance.

Or, this –

The Russian Training Secret

Alexander Zass was very innovative and started bending green branches and twigs to develop his grip strength. Perhaps this was the start of his great belief in the application of isometrics and “maximum tension” (a concept that is present in Russian training methods to this day) for the development of strength.

He believed such an approach superior to the use of weights in developing strength. While a POW he continued to develop his strength with the use of isometrics by pulling on the bars and chains that imprisoned him.

This episode and the knowledge that he obtained from it later became the basis of his mail order course which featured isometrics in the form of pulling on chains of various lengths.

Alexander Zass lived a very full and exciting life on many fronts. In addition to being a strongman, he was also an accomplished animal trainer. as well as a superspy.

Again, Bozos globally complaining the book on isometrics is too simple would be well served by reading the above.

And to these Bozos, I wonder – have they even DONE the thing before commenting?

Have you FELT the soreness in your hamstrings with some of the stretches I teach in the book – have you GOTTEN in the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat – have you TRIED pushing against a wall till the back of your arms literally feel swollen and the triceps are screaming out loud?

In most cases, the answer is NO. A resounding NO at that!

Here is one of those silly rants from an idiot in Italy who was apparently ticked off that Sylvester Stallone’s photographer didnt do the photos…


Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few); it’s a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises. A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable. And never, never all of this for € 46!
Not recommended

’nuff said on the bozos.  (I do not know where he got the 46 Euro figure from – maybe I was offering the book at a discount then – and this is also precisely I price my books high, period to ensure Bozos in general dont get at them).

My friend, this book goes ABOVE and BEYOND what a lot of the greats did.

And I’m just getting started – there is far more to isometrics than what is in this book, i.e. the 51 exercises and then the workouts I give you, but for most people, it is also MORE than plenty to get you in great shape – loose, limber, and improve your strength by leaps and bounds.

Obviously, isometrics are not the ONLY workout you should do – but you’d be amazed at how getting better at isometrics improves rep counts and performance on other seemingly unrelated exercises – like pushups, for one.

Combine isometrics, my friend, with the workouts in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or any of my other books – and you simply cannot go wrong, period.

Get this book NOW – you will never regret it.


Rahul Mookerjee

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