Why I’m so bloody glad the world is finally starting to SPEAK out against this woke BS.
- And again, it's been something I've been saying for donkey's years.

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I’ve been saying it for years, my friend.

People in general have gotten sick and doggone tired of this woke BS being shoved down our throats at every pass – everywhere we go – everything we do, read and so forth.

Social media is woke – apparently using four letter words to rail against the woke movement on Twitter is not on (Twitter asked me if I wanted to “reconsider my post”- my answer? Hell no!) – but the same wokes can criticize, complain, abuse, talk nasty about the police protecting them then bitch about crime when they do all they can to defund and pretty much take away all the cops’ authority and so forth …

PEOPLE in general act woke – it’s so aggravating. Dont even get me started on the Nazi feminists.

Ah, but wait. LOL.

I HAVE gotten started on that, and my flagship product in that regard is HERE (a must grab).

More in that vein shortly, as for now, if you’re interested in my views on this woke BS and liberals (tards), Nazi feminists, faggots, SJW’s and Glyn Bozos in general, just do a search on this site or elsewhere, and you’ll find my views very plainly explained and expressed – or was the other way around?

I saw something about “the dangerous rise of men who refuse to date anti woke women” -something I wouldn’t do in my wildest dreams and never have for ages.

Some guy “Laurence Fox” is being pilloried by the social media buffoons claiming hes got white privilege and other nonsense – I mean, jeez, my views on that?

It’s the wokes and liberal living in the Jim Crow era, so it feels like.

There hasn’t been any white privilege for YEARS NOW, anyone who claims otherwise is living in fantasy land, if anything, it’s all way too skewed towards “minorities”.

And I hate that term, despite probably (despite being a redneck hombre from Texas, hehe) – falling in that very bracket.

It’s not about skin color, it’s not about excuses.

It’s about you, what you choose to do with your life, and what you ACHIEVE without complaining about B.S. that you sometimes can help, sometimes cannot period. Just ask the scores of wealthy “minorities”, and you’ll get their word for it too.

Now, sometimes anti woke is taken to extremes, yes.

And I’m not in favor of that either.

Ditto for the Nazi feminism thing, a “member of Parliament” in India (in a Southern State) was recently making comments along the lines “if rape has to happen, might as well enjoy it!” in public – in full view of assembly.

Naturally, he took those words back.

But I suspect he meant something entirely different, and couldn’t say it, though HOW he said what he did, not on in my book.

He did apologize though.

Reminds me of what Marc the African silverback Gorilla once asked me about the China Nazi feminist “teases” that of course yours truly has more than plenty of experience with!

“These girls, do they dress this way in the villages too?”

I told him yes, China was pretty open about that sort of thing.

“Nah, I thought just the cities. If theyd pull that shit in the villages, they’d be getting raped left right and center!”

(he was referring to the no goose and gander “teases” who do all they can to provoke men then when they dont get the right amount of money or some nonsense, then they scream bloody murder.

Admittedly I’ve had the opposite problem of having to bat women away willy nilly, but hey …!)

Then there was the recent hoo haa about what the CBSE did in India

All these things are happening though because men in general – the ones amongst us that are DOERS – are getting sick and tired of being marginalized and shunted aside for no fault of ours.

We worked for years and years, what do we get in return – unending crap from brats, Bozos, and entitled lunatics that have themselves never done a day of honest work in their own lives!

Its all been coming to a head for years though, and covid, of course the perfect excuse for all thats simmering underneath to come to the surface.

It aint gonna be pretty, the next few years, but it has to be done, and Im glad it’s happening for one – not the covid crap, but the rest of the stuff – the world needs a cleansing, it’s long overdue.

And it’s going to be survival of the fittest, as I’ve been saying for YEARS now.

Speaking of which, what about that idiot Biden – if he hands out dishonorable discharges to members of the military that refuse to follow his (in my view unlawful) vaccine mandates?

I wouldn’t it past Sleepy Joe to pull that sort of stunt. . .

It’s just shameful, you deem people ready to die for the country, yet you dont let them choose what to put in their own bodies.

Just shameful, no two ways around it.

Anyway – where am I going with these random musings?

I dont know, just a brain dump this email.

But yes, my products are by far not just politically incorrect, hard hitting and results producing, but they’re also some of the most anti woke, anti liberal, and anti Nazi fem you’ll see.

And if there is one more reason you should support us, as I’ve been saying all day, and lets face it, I’ve made it very easy for you to do it .. this is it.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – But seriously, friend – we need YOUR support – and we need it now. If you want to keep enjoying these no nonsense posts, keep getting hard hitting fitness and life info that truly cuts past the BS, then YOUR support is needed, friend.

And there’s no better way to support us than picking up a product or two – getting nigh great results, and then reviewing!

Thank you!

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