As more and more people jump aboard the bodyweight fitness train …
- So they should.

This afternoon, I went for a long, long walk outside – and then in the park.

I had to think.

Like Napoleon Hill, I often get out in the fresh open spaces – or as fresh as can be, anyway – to THINK.

I was walking vigorously nowhere really, then along came the pull-up stand – or the swing set where I sometimes do ’em, rather – the monkey bars, and so forth.

Popped off a few reps of this and that, remember, this was post 1500 jump ropes and 100 pushups at home.

Friend of mine, the same guy who keeps mentioning my core and saying “how attractive it looks” came over.

“Do you still run, Rahul”, he asked me.

I told him I never ran, never did pavement pounding etc, then the conversation moved on.

“Bodyweight exercises are best”, the guy kept saying.

This is the dude who said he could do 40 straight reps on the dip bars – and the same guy that wanted to do pull-ups, keeps sort of complaining about never being able to do ’em, keeps ooh aahing those (like me) that can – but when I tell him HE can do it, he needs to just try – and keep trying  – well, you got it. Crickets.

Another dude came on over, well built sort of dude.

Goes to the gym, runs, sometimes does bodyweight exercises too.

I asked him how many pushups etc he could do.

“80-100”, he replied instantly. 

In one set?? We both asked him.

He paused, giving me the once over.

“Well, if it’s strict slow reps … maybe 40-50 per set”.

Now, all these numbers being bandied about, I’ve no idea if either one of those dudes can DO ’em – or ever could.

Perhaps they could, I dont know.

But I’ll tell you, 80-100 pushups without stopping is super stud stuff, my friend, regardless of which pushup you do or how you cut it.

Provided you do ’em right, strict form.

Personally me,  I do ’em in sets of 25, as y’all know -and have SEEN.

As I say in Fast and Furious Fitness, also in Pushup Central.

“Be the guy that can knock out pushups in PROPER form, not the braggart who claims he can do 100, but all in lousy form. Trust me, I can make ONE pushup harder than a 100!”

A “fact of the matter”, “no nonsense” statement this, and it’s true.

One way to make it harder is how my friend was saying they should be done.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… on the way down”, he went – and then same thing on the way up. 

Not quite that slow, I laughed.

But he’s right, doing pushups SLOWLY is far tougher than bouncing them off half ass in poor form that I’ve seen way too many people do …

(and you CAN do ’em the way he was saying, except that makes it SUPER TOUGH!)

Anyway, it was a great conversation overall.

And the two guys kept coming back to this.

“But bodyweight exercises are the best and toughest. The gym might be good for a bit of toning, but thats it”

One of them even spoke about how strength gained in bodyweight exercises translates over to the Gym.

“But that dont happen the other way around does it”, I laughed.

They agreed.

As well with the fact that during covid, it …

“There is nothing else to do, business is down everywhere, might as well use the time to get FIT!”

True that. Hehe.

Except, yours truly thinks fitness should be done ALL the time – in good times, bad, and in between.

It’s what keeps us sane and healthy … And if you can do your home workout outdoors, in the park , or mountain top or what not – so much the better!

Takeaway from all this – GET the books above.

Two, start TODAY, my friend. No matter where you’re at fitness wise, you have to start SOMEPLACE – to get SOMEPLACE. It’s as simple as that. Gains dont come overnight, my friend.

And three, as more and more people are getting tired of escalating gym costs etc (the two there today were discussing how expensive gyms have become) – and having to go there, finding one near your place, running around there or what not …

… As more people are doing bodyweight only and getting in the best shape of their lives, they’re discovering that sometimes simple is indeed the best, and bodyweight does indeed TRUMP all.

Lots of lessons for you too there, my friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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