The first introduction I did for the 0 Excuses Fitness System – but never put out there – until now.
- My, my, my!

My oh my, how far have we come. Hehe.

I still remember the first introduction I did for the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos – the first video I put out publicly for sale (other than one that I gave Glyn Bozo, hehe, he took that and “trampolined” it all over WeChat and stuff, trolling it, but ended up making me an instant “celebrity” there too, hehe while getting his ass booted from wherever he spammed it).

Me sitting on the couch, talking to you – which for some reason, I never ever put into the actual package you guys get – when you purchase the downloadable version of 0 Excuses Fitness.

The intro I DID put in there – far shorter, and far “crisper” – and a far more “excitable” Rahul talking to you. I still remember that blue long sleeved T shirt I was wearing in Elizabeth’s apartment (mine, I rented it from her) when I created that video at around 2 PM or so, right before I was going to step out for my afternoon workout on the HILL.

But now, years later or so it seems, I’m revisiting the original – taken by Cindy on a nice summer evening in China (August, I believe, or maybe July) – at around 6PM in my apartment.

The first video she took, then she took the rest you see in the System.

Then she took 5 more !

She is a TROOPER – she even edited all the pictures you see in the 0 Excuses Fitness System book – since my phone couldn’t handle it at the time.

A very nice lady indeed, and as she smiled while taking the “lao shi’s” (teacher in Chinese) video (I used to teach her English too back in the day) – it was truly the stars aligning at that point in time – big time.

You can see “grade one term papers” if you look closely, hehe.

That was me creating the list of things I wanted to talk to you about on the back of some papers I had graded for the kids at Balboa school.

I never got around to that list!

I’m not good at speaking from lists, much like a certain Steve Austin isn’t. At his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, he had this MASSIVE list he wanted to speak from – held in his hand, yet, he barely looked at it. Hehe.

It helps to prepare the subconscious mind, yes, but once you speak, or at least that is how I do it, all scripts, if they were ever there, go out the window.

Maybe thats why although I got called a movie star all the time, still do, I’ll never be one. Hehe.

Too much of a renegade is yours truly!

Anyway …

Check out the video HERE –


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And of course, write back and tell me the difference between the two intro’s – those of you that have BOUGHT the System.

And if you have not yet bought the super lative, once in a lifetime best fitness system ever, then please stop procrastinating, dallyin around and so forth, and get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Glyn Bozo on a trampoline? Poor thing, and I dont mean the Bozo, hehe.

PS #2 – My “adorable fringe” isn’t that prominent in the video up there, but it in the ones you guys buy. Hehe.

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