How to get your kids to workout (and more) …
- Indeed!

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Well, well, well.

Was quite a day -has been quite a day thus far with the daugher’s Christmas workout going particularly well, it seems!

Getting her off the dumbphone is always a challenge, probably the same for most kids nowadays, but once she – or any kid – finally does get off the blasted dumbphone (I can just hear her saying “DAD! It’s a SMART PHONE, not a dumb phone! Gawd, Dad!” hehe) … MIRACLES happen.

She walked like a trooper with me down to the hilly park today.

She did so in a relaxed manner, with no intention of working out or anything (I specifically told her it would be a “relaxed day”for her).

She listened, and before she knew it, the walk she sometimes complained about – turned into easy peasy.

“I can’t believe it, so quick!” she was gushing (at the time it took her to get there).

“Of course, honey”, I laughed. “Do things slow, relaxed, and easy – with the right deep breathing”, and “life just flies away and results just come without you even thinking about them”.

The little one nodded.

Truly a chip off the old block. More on that soon!

“Other hand”, I continued. “if you grimace, think its tough, make a face about it and so forth – it will never get done – like with HW the other day!”

Lesson learnt, hehe.

Anyway, lots of walking up and down mini hills today, and lots of Gorilla Grip work for me – and we met a friend of mine – a weightlifter, except I wouldnt have known it – if for his GRIP!

He does bodyweight too, I believe – he does both.

Quite a slim and strong guy for 50 years of age, and as he gave me the gorilla grip, I noticed it.

“Damn, dude, strong grip!”

And then he told me about his workout, weight lifting etc – whatever he does, and he does it at HOME, free weights – it’s WORKING!

Then we got to the fun stuff, and filmed two videos – by now, both should be on the channel i.e. you tube channel.

One, me showing you how to do fingertip pushps, and working them into mini workouts – and the famed “knuckle pushups” taught in Karate.

As Charles Mitchell, another great customer told me, they teach you those in martial arts, but the fingertip pushups are WAY tougher.

And we’re not even taking fingers away or doing them on one arm as yet!

He’s right, and I agree.

And in the brief videos, somewhat shaky, you’ll see me “pocket pistol”, as the chip off the old block calls me for my “bang bang” intonation while working out and doing the videos” – banging out a few and showing you how to do so.

Then, of course, Kiddie Fitness!

If a certain Lee Lowder is reading this, Lee, a complete workout video for that course is on the way!

But today, on the youtube channel you will see my daugher literally take you through some of the movements in the book – and most importantly tell you the most important thing about fitness, but especially kiddie fitness – its gotta be FUN!

The words were literally flowing out of her as she struggled to speak, out of breath, I had to calm her down a bit, so much was she enjoying it!

“Dad, I never have so much fun at home, Dad, this is why I love working out outdoors, Dad, this is why ….”

And, I coalesced it all into a short audio introduction – much like the video intro for 0 Excuses Fitness, done by my little champ- and it’s free for those of you that have bought Kiddie Fitness i.e. you get it alone with the e-download of the book (those that have already bought the book – email me – I’ll hook you up with the intro too!).

So there’s those two things.

Then, more Youtube Videos on the way for Gorilla Grip (I’ve got one done up I never ever uploaded) – and then today, we did some great ones for Animal Kingdom Workouts, but my damn phone ran out of space, so we had to stop.Hehe.

No worries though, will be done the next time I get a chance …

But key thing.

Get the kids off the dumbphone.

And then get them into the outdoors, dont force them to do anything, just get them walking about, running in the fresh air – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the “duck takes to water” as it were!

Key numero two, of course, you’ll have to make sure they dont overdo it – little kids have  a tendency to do just that. Hehe.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my daughter – my friend, in the video you’ll see her present like a little pro!

And, if you like the video – give it a like – subscribe – and leave some comments, because those will help spread the video about!

Great day – thus far.

I’ll keep you posted on the full review for “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!” – and I’ll be back with more soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My apologies for the audio fading in and out on some of these  – gotta free up room on the dumbphone NOW!

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