“The Best bodyweight fitness book out there” “Nothing else comes close” – and the ICING ON THE CAKE!
- And - he's spot on as always!

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Here is another great review amongst many by John Walker for the 0 Excuses Fitness System – or rather, specifically, the videos.

Now, he got the paperback book FIRST – and the videos later, which of course, the best thing to do is to get BOTH – and get them both – TOGETHER!

They just go together, my friend.

Sort like when you learn how to box – or dance – or do martial arts or what not, and if you learn it online, now these are cases where videos, whether you like them or not are damn essential.

And while you can get the book yes, and make great progress just with the book, it works best if you get BOTH the book – and the videos together!

Here is what John posted for 0 Excuses Fitness – back when he got the book off Amazon a couple of years ago –

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book!!!

I have a few of this author’s books and I’d like to purchase more but unfortunately they’re way out of my price range, i.e. £174 for the pull up book is beyond my budget, if I spent £174 on any book no matter how good it is, my wife would have a fit and I would not be able to justify the expense, which is a great shame but that’s life I guess.

Having said the above in “fairness” I must point out this book is one of the more affordable books by Rahul.

And, he’s right – and he posted about Gorilla Grip as well, which should be got along with 0 Excuses Fitness too.

Getting the grip book without the “meat and potatoes” i.e. 0 Excuses Fitness is like, as he said, putting the cart before the horse.

It just don’t work right…

(and as far as price goes he’s got all the books NOW – I gave him some great discounts, as I am known for doing to ALL the doers out there – THANK YOU, guys!)

And, here is his latest reviews on the videos – the 5 great videos I put out for the course, long ones too!

(the youtube channel has a few snippets of these, and many “medium sized” videos too)


Just thought I’d give you my perspective on your 0 Excuses Fitness Videos.

Now as you know I think the 0 Excuses Fitness Book is the best bodyweight book out there, there is nothing else that comes close but having the videos detailing exactly how each exercise should be performed well, lets just say that it is the icing on the cake my friend, yes, you can have the “cake” without the icing but in my humble opinion that would be short changing yourself, it would be like going out for a burger when you’ve got steak indoors. I highly recommend the videos to anyone who wants to know exactly how it’s done, exceptional work, just brilliant.

Now John, thats a brilliant way of saying it yourself too, if you dont mind my saying so – going out for a burger when you’ve got steak at home – INDEED!

Sage indeed, sage.

Yes, these videos detail how the workouts and exercises in the book should be done, they show and give you excruciating detail on form, breathing etc (including a few secret tips on breathing) that I cannot get into in the book – and much much more!

So if you just get the book, thats great, but remember – thats like the cake – without the icing!

And it’s a damn good icing as well (unlike the cake I had last night – for a change, I hardly eat cake or sweets no more – but the icing last night, ugh, all sugar and nothing else – the plum cake inside was somewhat better tho) …..

Or, the burger – when you’re ignoring the steak you’ve got right there at home.

So true, John – and brilliantly said – and thank you once again – – and, a great discount is waiting for you on your next purchase!


Rahul Mookerjee

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