How my workouts improve spatial awareness – bar none.
- That might sound strange, but it's true.

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Now this might sound strange to some of you, but it’s TRUE, my friend.

I dont know if I wrote about it before – I believe I did.

Exercising at home, I’ve often done it before a mirror (on occasion, actually) for one.

This might sound even stranger given my dislike of “puff buff” and so forth, but I didnt do it to oil up, preen, pose and so forth.

I did it to observe my FORM on certain exercises.

Then, I once wrote about how my workouts take you into a different zone altogether, a spiritual zone, especially when you combine them with the deep breathing done right.

Hindu pushups are an exercise that lend themselves especially well to this.

I’ve even written about exercising in the buff on occasion – though I dont do this , even at home – not so you can see your “man bits” flopping about (that was apparently the takeaway Schofield got from the email when he got to know of it, all excited and such) but so you can visualize (this applies to phat phocks) – the PHAT flying off as you workout.

You can literally see the shaky parts of your body move about as you workout and command your brain to get rid of the fat NOW.

This truly works, my friend – trust me.

Visualization, I cannot say enough good things about it.

Anyway, exercising, or as some people – not the Bozos, real men – some of them – often do at home – pull-ups in the nude for some reason (I’ve often cranked out sets of 10 before a shower, but in a towel or shorts!) – with my eyes CLOSED is definitely my thing.

It improves spatial awareness – and co-ordination – and allows you to perfect your form, virtually and literally the most important thing while working out in a way few other workout techniques can.

Don’t believe me?

Well, yesterday during my 15 minute CONTINOUS jump rope workout …

I started with eyes closed, my friend.

Before I knew it, I was knocking about (the rope) onto parts of the wall and room I wasn’t even facing. Either forward or backward.

I had unconsciously gone to my “stronger side”- the left side while jumping rope. I am right handed, by the way, but my left side has always been stronger for some reason.

Including my grip, and no, unlike Bozo Schofield posted , Gorilla Grips don’t come by wanking on public transport, Glyn.


I corrected myself, then did it again, eyes closed.

Same thing, except not to that extent.

Since I was aware of the issue.

Other thoughts floated into my mind, but what mattered was the rope, the reps, not so much the count, but the steady reps “keep going, keep going!” until the 15 minute time limit elapsed (believe me, most of you wont be able to jump rope continuously at at a decent cadence for one minute, let alone 15).

It’s a great exercise, my friend, is jumping rope, not just for burning fat, but also improving spatial awareness.

And you’ll want to grab Jump Rope Mania! now – a much ignored course here, but one that can really amp your workouts, and provide the necessary “oomph” to slow days (workouts).

Eyes closed workouts, apply, by the way, to more than just jumping rope. The 0 Excuses FItness System and the big three can all mostly be done in the zone, eyes closed, sweat dripping off you, as you get in the best shape of your life…

Grab these courses now, my friend.

Truly life changing as MULTIPLE reviewers have put it – and they’re spot on!!


Rahul Mookerjee

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