Dedicated to Glyn “But(t)ler Bozo” Schofield the one and only in Brum.
- Glyn, my lovely.

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Glyn, my lovely, I might as well say. Trouble is, he’ll start salivating if I say even that.


But really, he’s dug his own grave on all this, as y’all know…

Anyway, I put out a great, great book a while ago that you MGTOW guys for one will LOVE i.e. How to combat and win against BIG TIME – but also PROFIT from the Nazi feminist DISEASES that is PLAUGING modern day society. 

Really, you’ll want to pick up this book NOW – if you’ve, as many of you have had, problems with women and continue to (none of your own making) – and if youre a REAL MAN – you’ll not just like, but LOVE – and GREATLY benefit from the tips in this book.

Now, a lot of what I say in the book is applicable in general to winning against idiots, liberals, SJW’s, faggots, keyboard warriors and the like as well.

But not all of it, but a lot of it is.

And another pet subject for me is, of course, how to BENEFIT – profit from trolls.

Or, why you should not run away or be scared of, but instead WELCOME trolls with open arms – period.

Because if I were to boil it down into a nutshell, they mean the cash register ringing big time – for you – period.

I haven’t yet written that book, but I will soon.

And on that note, in the meantime, a long awaited video is out – where I talk about my background with the Bozo, and just why its GREAT he trolls me – and how, unlike all the other folks he’s successfully trolled and ruined (lets face it, trolls are great at manipulating emotions and hitting below the belt, and really making your blood BOIL) – with me, it’s the polar and exact opposite.

Check it out HERE.

Along with that, be sure to check out some of our other great videos!

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Pass the word on!

And buy a few products, and send in a review.

Please do this – NOW.

Thank you!

And, enjoy the video … this should be “part one”, I mean really, I could write a book on Glyn, all true, that would have you in splits. Hehe.

But for now, we’ll stick to the subject above i.e. what a lot of you want to hear – how to BENEFIT from trolls – and why you should never fear them, instead, welcome them.

Believe me, anyone thats ever tried to do something different – be something in life as opposed to be a sheep and Bozo – “escape the bucket of crabs” – and so forth – will have plenty of haters, most of them idiotic sheep like trolls.

And so, I figured this video would help a LOT OF YOU.

Be on the lookout for another one on “what to do when it feels like the entire world is against you”- another quite an “apt” lesson I’ll be giving you, especially given what is going on nowadays everywhere.

Without further ado, enjoy part One.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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