How the Gama “threw” so many people!
- Prodigious strength ...

The Great Gama of India, my friend, who I as I state on the 0 Excuses Fitness System page – remained unbeaten, and unbowed – after over FIFTY years of wrestling – with the best wrestlers the world had to produce at that time, and then some.

I was telling my daughter a tale about the Gama the other day.

When he was nigh 8 or 9 years of age, the “Maharaja” of where he lived held a squatting contest in which the “last man standing” (seasoned wrestlers, adults, all of them competed) would win.

The Gama for whatever reason(HA!) took up the challenge.

That nine year old boy WON the challenge after like FIVE hours of continuous Hindu squats.

Think about that, I told my daughter.

Thats spirit, and dedication!

Of course, he could hardly walk all week after that (true story this!) – and therefore I exercise – and suggest YOU to exercise caution when doing Hindu squats in high reps – for you, that, as I tell you in the videos so many times – is when you start, and way beyond when you start.

These can make you INCREDIBLY sore – and you have to get the form down pat, my friend.

Once you do though, remember two things.

You’ll have lumps of muscle on your thighs and entire lower body you’d never get from weightlifting, period.

Functional strength.

There is a reason those that got the 0 Excuses Fitness System rate it so highly, my friend – amongst all the other reasons, it emphasizes deep breathing done right and HEAVY leg work – and these two alone will make a MAN out of you – a fit man!

Anyway, to throw someone repeatedly, you have to have a strong core – and legs.

We addressed that above, and the Gama’s 3000 Hindu pushups and 5000 squats contributed to that on a daily basis, I’d say!

(These numbers might be somewhat inflated, yes, but fact remains Gama DID do these in high reps daily, along with rope climbing, isometrics, mud put digging, wrestling, lifting stone weight – swinging CLUBS – and so forth – and eating like a horse for that matter)

But the one part – key part – often ignored?

The muscles around the neck, especially the base of the neck, and the upper back, MUST be in prime condition – and strong as an OX.

In 1910, with no more challenges to be had in India, Gama focused his attention on the rest of the world. Accompanied by his younger brother Imam Bukhsh, Gama sailed to England to compete with the Western Wrestlers. It was then that legendary English wrestling commentator Percy Longhurst got to watch him train.

To watch him doing the dipping exercise was a revelation. There was power put into every movement, up and down…It was easy to understand, watching the regular rise and fall of the smooth brown body, the bending and straightening of the rounded limbs, to what extend not only the arms and the shoulders, but the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back and loins participated in the vigorous execution.

One could understand how Gama had acquired the enormous bulk of solid flesh at the back of his upper arms; whence came the wonderful size of the muscles around the shoulders and the base of the neck. Smooth, solid muscle; muscle in bulk; yet again I must repeat that when Gama “set” for example, his arm, his fist clenched, that acute outlining of the individual muscles on which the enthusiastic physical culturist is wont to pride himself, the ‘steel bands’ and ‘hard knots’, beloved of the lady fiction writer, were conspicuous by their absence. All one was saw was a rounded swelling, a smooth prominence here and there.

But there was strength, an abundance of it, in those smooth and supple limbs. Anyone who saw Gama overcome Dr B.F.Roller could be sure of that.”

– Percy Longhurst

Now, you’ll notice something if you’re smart.

In wrestling, judo, all these movements – even martial arts like Taekwondo – you rarely hit – or punch – or throw – or kick – in a straight line as in the gym when bench pressing, for instance, or deadlifting.


It’s always a CIRCULAR – or semi circular movement.

This is one reason the Hindu pushups and squats work so well, my friend – along with the deep breathing, its a SEMI circular movement at play that builds you up for precisely what I said above.

And you might ask me the million dollar question i.e. this – what someone once asked me.

“Why do you recommend pull-ups in strict form then if you’re always on about circular motions”.

Well, because a pull-up done in strict form isnt a straight line – if it were, you’d bosh the top of your head (crown) or your chin on the bar. That extra pull at the end to get your chin ABOVE the bar which most IGNORE – most think get up to “viewing level” with the bar is fine – no it’s not either – is what builds strength, real pulling and throwing strength there.

Ditto for pushups, never a “straight line” as it were.

And now, the trillion dollar question i.e. why I put out Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness.

First, because a lot of my customers – the doers – want it.

And second, because it takes everything above, and compounds the gains big time, and triple compounds it if you add in pullups, pushups, jump rope workouts and the rest with these movements.

Let me tell you, this morning when swinging the clubs, I felt it!

You will too, once you get good, damn good at the clubs, especially the heavy ones (but it’ll take you a while, that I’ll tell you!) – and when you’re swinging for high reps, breathing, sweat pouring off you, bead by bead … you’ll feel the “swing” and power in your upper back and neck at some stage – and the traps.

That, my friend, is the sort of power all the “shrugs” in the world wont give you – neither will deadlifts.

Shrug it away and say just bodyweight or whatever certain Bozos and phat phocks will say.

Ain’t my business to tell you how to train, if after knowing the facts you knowingly puff and buff, hey, go for it.

But fact is, the greats have all used movements like I describe in my books.

And they bring you results, my friend- bar none.

Those speak.

And thats why I keep urging you to place the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness NOW without further procrastination as many of you are doing, my friend.

Do so now – this is a once in a lifetime course, and the benefits you’ll get will BLOW you away i.e “you ain’t seen nothing like it before, even from ME!”.



Rahul Mookerjee

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