Muscle memory – and the muscle that never goes away.
- Along with your BRAIN, of course.

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This morning, I slept in a bit.

I’ve been having such vivid dreams as of late, I often go back to sleep – and command my mind to “pickup” back where it left off on the dreams.

And it does.

It’s truly scintillating, the benefits you get in your LIFE, my friend – when you gain control of the most powerful muscle there is, the mind.

Even Stallone, muscle man “au extraordinnaire”, and “Rambo” says it in II – and in real life.

“I’ve always believed the mind is the most powerful weapon” – the movie quote.

“Strong arms can move weights, but a strong mind can move MOUNTAINS”. (or something like that, was the real life quote).

Another Sly Quote, I believe … was this –

“Another easy workout! You’re only as old as your joints feel!”

This was written on Insta while he was doing pullups with – 100 KG – yes, KG – attached!

(admittedly those were “half pullups”, done probably more for the forearm pump, but if you can even MOVE that amount at his age – thats something!

Personally, me, I do pull-ups in higher reps, not with extra weight, but I’m not entirely against extra weight on pull-ups – I’ll talk about that later)

Sly is a legend, my friend, over 70, still going stronger than most strongmen ever ever went.

But anyway …

He’s spot on about joints, and I cover all of that in the world famous course on keeping your joints young, flexible and lubricated naturally (no, if Glyn is reading, this, please!) – Isometric and Flexibility Training

But this is about muscle memory, eh.

So I woke up later, and instantly upon waking up did 30 pushups.

Thats all, 30.

Thats another thing that might surprise ya’ll, the bodyweight fitness guru sometimes does no more than 30-40 pushups daily!

I dont have a set schedule – for anything.

I live life in the flow, and so are my workouts – in the flow.

Key thing being, I MOVE on a daily basis, much like animals in the wild do.

In the past, I’d need cups of coffee to “feel good” – and then after giving that up in 2004, it was “green tea” every morning.

Until very recently, I had that habit too – not a bad habit to have,  of course, the green tea.

But now?

I usually drink nothing but good old H2o in the morning.

All the “feel good” endorphins come from my workouts – done first thing in the morning as always.

True, that sometimes changes too …

But point being, and what MOST of you need is – is not long, drawn out workouts to make you a movie star or Super man.

Most of you need a fit, toned, trim body – a lean core – strong muscles – and general fitness and strength that comes in handy when you need it the most.

The way you get to the “massive reps” is by doing – something – daily.

And thats what I keep emphasizing in my Youtube videos and showing you as well – i.e. dropping down on the fly, doing fingertip pushups etc – or pull-ups – or whatever.

That is key.

And that really builds muscle that lasts, my friend.

After the 30 pushups, I read something on Quora about “losing muscle mass a month or so after working out”.

There was some study done on gym goers pumping weights, with diagrams and everything else.

And the diagrams clearly showed less bloat in the muscle a couple of weeks after they “stopped lifting weights”, and did not do any bodyweight exercise – but just regular activity.

It ain’t no secret that most of what is gained by modern day bodybuilding routines is … BLOAT.

And the minute you stop pumping and toning, the muscle “size” – if you can call it that – disappears.

Ditto for the minute you stop popping dem pills that got you there if you get my drift.

But flashback to when I … and I’ve told you about this a lot – when I was doing pull-ups exclusively, and stopped doing pushups altogether.

That day when I dropped down and tested myself on 15 pushups – brought me to a very rude awakening, and I’ve never neglected pushups since!

Neither should you, my friend.

At the time I was also hiking hills for hours every day.

And that was a set routine, I’d feel so good I’d climb that sucker four times every day in the morning – bare minimum!

Those never ending stairs…

But anyway, thats another Stallone secret for weight loss.

“When I want to lose weight, I just strap on weight to me and get on the Stairmaster”.

He’s right. Hehe. Nothing does it better than stairs x infinity.

Anyway, point being – I got back on pushups, and it took me like a week to get back into the swing of things, pounding them out like nothing.

As opposed to when I was a phat phock, getting my first pull-up took forever…

That is the sort of muscle bodyweight training done right creates, my friend.

And the associated strength, that never truly goes away – and comes back very quickly when you need it too.

And thats the sort of strength YOU should look to build too, friend.

Well, my friend, there’s lots of lessons in this email.

And lots of courses to pick up too.

Go ahead and GRAB the linked courses above – NOW.

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PLEASE do this proactively my friend – I cannot emphasize how important this is. Please do NOT just read and “move on with your life” as it were. What I’m asking takes nary a minute of your time … ditto for the purchases.

Do it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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