Some questions to ask yourself before you end 2022…
- May help you more than you think!

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I keep hearing the thing about New Year’s Resolutions, and so forth … i.e. “what I WILL do better in the New Year”.

Tons of energy keeps getting poured into these lofty resolutions, then come New Year “we’ll do it a day later”.

Or maybe you hit it hard a day or so, then you drop by the wayside on the resolutions, and never do it again.

Trouble with these resolutions is mostly this – lofty goals that scare you initially for one.

That means, if you’re currently unable to do a single pushup, you set a goal for 100 – or 500 in one workout as a resolution – without a proper plan to get there and the right mental setup – you may actually be doing yourself more HARM than good.

I’ve always found the concept of New Year’s resolutions ludicrious.

What makes the day so special and different from any other anyway?

Birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth – I can sort of understand the emotion there.

(Mine is coming up very soon!).

Yes, this old man keeps going STRONG!

I’ll probably be announcing a birthday sale soon, but then again, given all the great sales we’ve had over the past month, maybe not. We’ll see …

But anyway, I was thinking about it. Life keeps flowing, my friend, birthday or no, New Year or no …

To me, its far important to ask myself the following questions (some of the ones I ask might not be here) as we END the New Year, and start the New One …

How far have you come in the last year?

Which project have you worked on – put in solid time on – gotten better at – with sheer results?

Sales wise, have you progressed overall during the year ?

If you’re falling behind in some areas, are you doing all you can to progress in others?

Have you done something physically EACH  AND EVERY DAY without fail the last year?

Workout wise, has there been any area – or multiple – where you’re better off than last year?

(for me, this is definitely jumping rope, something I didnt do most of last year, but once I started – BOOM! I’ve blasted past several personal bests on this, most notably yesterday – more on this soon).

Have you been PERSISTENT all of last year?

And so forth.

You know whats great about asking yourself all these questions, my friend?

It is this – no matter where you’re at , no matter how rocky life – or your finances – or both might be – no matter what troubles you might be having with the “ball and chain” – and so forth – you find a reason to be GRATEFUL.

You also find solid proof that you’ve IMPROVED – if just in your own life.

Hey, that matters more than anything else.

Gratitude that you’ve done it – and the feeling of having done it – in SOME area – with sheer proof behind it – can’t beat that feeling for motivation, real life motivation, friend.

Going into the New Year, I’d highly suggest y’all to drop the “resolutions” and focus on asking yourself the above questions.

As you do so, more will come to mind.

Keep answering them, write them down if need be …

Maybe I will put out a video on this later too – stay tuned.

And as you start the new year tomorrow, ask the same questions – except in reverse.

i.e. if you have NOT done some, or all, or any of the above, NOW is as good a time as any to get started – so that by the end of 2022, you’ll be in a FAR better position in all ways than you are today.

Anyway, that was my introspection for now. Maybe there’ll be a video coming on it soon, I dont know.

But folks, really.

I’ve asked you many times (a lot of you) to step up and show some support.

We cannot keep firing on all cylinders as Id like to without your support.

BUY some products – I know a lot of you have been putting this off.

Really, all businesses need sales, and tons of them to THRIVE.

More importantly, buy the products – USE them – and leave REVIEWS – this is an area where even many doers seem to be “lagging”.

It doesn’t cost but a minute of your time and you get the 10% off for your next purchase, my friend.

Please do it. Simple as that.

As you get this email, I’ll be doing my pushups most likely.

Lets start the New Year off with a BANG, my friend – and lets focus on NOW, i.e. today and ENDING this year with a BANG as well, 0 Excuses style.

Step up – show some support – implement in your OWN life – watch the goodness FLOW.

And thats it for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Pick up Zero to Hero! and Gumption Galore for more such great REAL LIFE “in the trenches” motivation that just flat out WORKS, period.

If you have questions, ask me via email or the comments in the videos. I am here for you – always will be ,but I cannot and refuse to put my hand in your back pocket and “pull out the credit card for you”, friend – that is an action you have to take yourself.

DO the thing.

And you shall HAVE the POWER.

Lets end 2021 – STRONG!

Go, go, GO!

PS #2 – Some of you have expressed interest in getting to 500 pushups per workout. You’ve been trying for years, but have not been able to . Well, I can GET you there – but it will require personal coaching – everyone’s situation in this regard is DIFFERENT.

Apply HERE if you’re so inclined.

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