How Alexander Zass built his phenomenal strength
- Video!

I’ve written before about Zass, so I’ll keep this short – and sweet!

But, he’s basically the strongman that broke chains with his neck, pulled apart iron bars (prison cell) to escape from jail during War – carried two lions on both shoulders during circus acts – was known as the “Iron Samson” – and the world’s strongest man – and more …

And I ain’t even scratched the surface of the strength feats he did.

Again, read about him here.

And then – pronto – go HERE – to our Youtube Channel, and check out the “isometrics” playlist – where I show you exactly what Zass did “from the man himself” – to build that superhuman strength where he literally pried iron bars apart to set himself free.

Isometrics truly is the missing link to ALL your workouts, and will truly set YOU free and loose and limber too, once you combine it with the flexibility training I teach you in Isometric and Flexibility Training, a book which has no competition out there – literally none, literally no-one teaches you isometrics like I do.

It’s also a fitting rejoiner to the “oh it’s so simple” idiots and fools that diss isometrics as being that.

Go now – and enjoy the video – and folks – like – SUBSCRIBE – and share the word – I cannot repeat this enough times!!

And grab the book above now, it will truly build world class, phenomenal strength in YOU like never before.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – That link again

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