- Because you made a DEAL, my friend.

Life’s all about choices – and accountability.

Fitness, business, life, everything.

“Because you made a DEAL!”

These words kept playing in my mind this morning as I procrastinated, tried finding every excuse in the book – NOT to do my daily pushup workout (which the goal was 100 a day, now it’s a min of 250 per day).

(a step too much for most people, but I ain’t most people. For most people, GRADUAL progression as I keep speaking about is the key).

(it was for me too when I first started, and still is when I start something new NOW).

I procrastinated. Told myself, or half heartedly so “I was tired”.

And given the workouts I’ve been putting myself through as of late, and everything else going on, you’d forgive me for taking a break if I did.

I wouldn’t though.

I’m going to turn 41 tomorrow, and there is NO stopping – or slowing down this cat, period.

That is how it is.

And accountability is key.

As I blew on my palms for extra long, the words played out.

“Because you’re accountable!”

If just to myself, but that is what counts i.e. ultimately it’s about being accountable to You, not someone pushing you or egging you along – all of that is useless if YOU ain’t accountable to YOURSELF, friend. Simple as that.

Pansies might not like hearing the above, but it’s true.

Anyway …

Lots of people ask me and look at me strangely when I blow on my palms – even in hot weather before doing pull-ups and stuff.

True, one reason is to warm them up, but it ain’t the only reason by far.

And if you’re brave enough or foolhardy enough, hehe, to train outdoors in -19 degree Centigrade “right next to Russia”, as a dame Becky recently told me, then you might want to warm up a bit!

Just do not attempt gripping metal bars outdoors, your skin might literally “stick to the bars!”

“Man, thats cold. I couldn’t imagine living there”, I told Becky.

(and it’s true, I prefer warm climes and hot sweaty weather) (and a/c, hehe).

How do they even do normal activities like running outside etc, I asked Becky offhand.

“Normal activities, no problem!” she replied.

“They even swim in this weather!”

Man oh  man. More on that later though!

There is a WAY to blow on your palms – to EXHALE into the cup of your palms such that you can GRIP better – and I ain’t talking just pull-ups or thick bars, I’m talking the FLOOR too.

Grip the floor while doing pushups, some of you might ask?

Well, you Pushup Central lovers know what I mean – maybe I’ll put out a brief video on it, but for now, try it when your palms etc are loose, the “grip doesnt feel just right”, and so forth, and you’ll see not just your reps, but the form etc in which you do the exercise/movement improve DRAMATICALLY.

Anyway – I’m past 115 pushups from not wanting to do a single one.

How, you might ask.

Well, I started with 10 pushups.

That is it, the bodyweight guru started with 10 pushups.

And 20 table pushups.

More than what most people can begin to do, believe it or not, yet for me easy peasy, yet, I made it work – for sets of three – and then after 90, I did more pushups, and I will do more after writing this to you.


Well, first off, DEEP BREATHING – and form.

Most people ignore both of the above, slopping their way through reps to get the count, and especially the deep breathing.

Look , if I cannot hear you breathe across the room, inhaling, exhaling DEEPLY on each rep, you’re not doing these RIGHT!

The deep breathing warmed me up, the shoes and socks came off, the sweatshirt did, now I’m in a vest.

It did far more than that, it tuned up the entire system from the inside out too!

Most people ignore breathing. “Just breathing”, they say.


In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and my other books, I devote entire CHAPTERS to this practice, and you should read it very carefully!

Anyway, second thing – I didnt shoot for personal bests.

No  50 straight pushups on fingertips, no one arm pushups, one two finger pushups, or nothing.

I kept it simple.

Nice and easy.

Yet, I did it, moved towards the goal on a tough day.



“Because you’re accountable, Rahul”.

So are YOU.

If you’re a DOER that is.

And third, by remembering most people function at only 35-40% of their real capacity.

Your body is capable of so much more, even during cold, blustery days where MOVING around might seem like a chore.

Your mind is too – hence your results in LIFE.

Most people prefer making excuses and allowing their mind to control them i.e. “its easier to just sit and do nothing”, and find excuses to do just that, guess what their mind does, guess what their results are.

Not my type of person (the majority of people in this world).

I know, harsh realities and truths but they need to be said.

Back to Becky – and cold weather I mentioned up there?

People literally JUMP into freezing cold rivers there to swim in that weather.

“You need training to train the heart first”, laughed Becky.

Boy should I know. My icy cold showers in China first thing in the morning set my heart RACING And pounding in a way nothing can!

It might not feel good when I’m doing it.

But I do it anyway.


GET THAT one more rep.

CAN YOU – will you?

Great tune up for the immune system, cold water training!

People in Finland do it too.

Hot as heck sauna, then a dunk in the icy waters.

“Well, at least the water temperature is warmer than the air”, I remarked, laughing with Becky.

That it is.

Small consolation?


Accountability, my friend.

Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for not just your choices, but your decisions.

That is what life’s about.

I had to stop my workout to write this to you.

But I’m gone now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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