My Ab cramps, and the most ignored muscle – or set of muscles – when training.
- Hint (#2) - Bozo Schofield clenches it all the time. Hehe.

Before we begin …

Hint (#2) – Bozo Schofield clenches it all the time. Hehe.

But before we get into THAT i.e. the most ignored muscles in your training (and truth be told, Bozo probably doesn’t even know the muscle really ignored exists) – a small story.

Back in the day, I’d train my abs so hard – albeit indirectly – without doing a single sit up and never crunch (ugh!) – that they’d literally cramp on occasion – without warning.

At the time I was doing hanging leg raises for the abs – a super exercise, as well as “the best darn exercise ever”.

These hardly isolate the abs, my friend.

And what REALLY hit my abs, was something you’d think would hit the legs more – it did, of course – but leg work means CORE work too – was my hill climb.

OR, climbs I should say.

Remember, I got up to like 4-6 climbs daily in hot, muggy humid weather.

And training the way I show you in Advanced Hill Training, you might ask?

Well, that comes AFTER this period – those movements blast your whole body and abs, but they also ensure you dont cramp uncontrollably when and after working out in extreme, exhausting heat as happened to me.

Literally, while getting into a car – or sitting down- odd moments – the left side of my core would just seize up and cramp uncontrollably.

(I’d often have to get out and stretch, bend, literally!)

Most likely it was loss of minerals, potassium etc – despite the amount of water I drank, perhaps it was not enough – but really, I had to make a few changes in the extreme way I trained while still getting the same or better results, and I did.

(Advanced Hill Training, again).

But that wasn’t direct ab work, my friend.

But the indirect hit my abs and chest, I hardly even did pushups back then (mistake, I know) – better than any amount of direct work out.

I’ve said it before, I will say it again – the guy does that a lot of SQUATS, hiking and leg work usually has a better built and developed overall chest than someone who “focuses on chest and abs alone”.

Trust me on this one, deep breathing being one key.

But anyway – most ignored muscle while training is certainly not chest, abs … or even shoulders, for that matter.

What is it?

Well, the BACK.

The lower back is a key candidate – as are the muscles in your GROIN.

How many times have you stretched out your legs to the sides as far as they can know, and then bend forward till your chest touches the floor?

If you can even budge an inch in that position that is!

This is a key stretch they work on a LOT in martial arts, my friend – any form- and this allows those kicks etc to come out with max speed, flexibility, agility and power, all without tearing a muscle along the way.

But even these pale in terms of being ignored to the hamstrings.

We hear a lot about the back bridge, how often do we hear about the front bridge though?

Remember, the hamstrings are KEY to your overall leg development.

If you’ve got solid thighs, but struggle in your squats past a certain point, you likely have under developed hamstrings.

The second most ignored muscle (looks apart) is the BUTT.

(the one the Bozo clenches and apparently according to his inane rants “worships” the most. Hehe).

When you’re doing squats, most focus on the legs.

You’re far better off focuing on the hips, CORE, BUTT and hamstrings, my friend.

Thats one reason bodyweight (regular) squats are so good, they work the hamstrings through the full range of motion, provided you do “ass to grass”.

Hindus are awesome too, and you should do both, but it’s far easier to focus on the back of the body with regular bodyweight squats, although you should with HIndus too.

Anyway, dont ignore these two muscle groups, friend. They’re almost as big as the thighs, and you need a strong butt (well and truly the SEAT OF YOUR POWER – in many regards), calves and hamstrings to generate MAX power at whatever you do – be that kicking, hiking, walking, sprinting, all of it.

I’ll have more on this later in videos etc, perhaps even a BOOK.

Stay tuned.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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