The advanced, super tough FAT smelting bodyweight squat combo & more I do nowadays!
- Not talked about this before, either!

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Dear Friend,

As I get done with250 squats – all bodyweight, I can barely wipe off the sweat pouring off my brow.

I’m off to do more shortly, but as usual I want to write to you about some important points first.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, something I keep emphasizing, though not at the expense of form – is the time it takes you to complete not just your squats, but your workouts as well.

If you’re taking half an hour to pop off 100 squats, you’re not doing them right, period.

Or, your form might be spot on, but the cadence isn’t.

Or, something else, or your conditioning is way off.

If you’re taking more than 10-12 minutes to do a 100 pushups, again, you’ve got room to improve.

And yet, these days, I’m achieving results and the “Sweat pouring off “hours later”” effect that I got from those workouts – while not necessarily going full tilt in every workout – not necessarily at full speed – like many of YOU (when you first start etc).

Now, this don’t mean I dwadle or rest for excessive periods.

In fact, I stood on my feet for all the 250 reps I did (for squats), I finished them in like … I think it was 7.5 minutes? Not entirely sure, but for Hindus, I’ve done that number far quicker in the past.

Yet, these days I’m doing a special COMBO of squats – bodyweight, ass to grass – except with certain elements of the Hindu in it – and let me tell you – it blasts the entire body, especially the core like never before, if you do it right.

If you focus on the BACK of the body when squatting, not just the thighs.

If you understand that incorporating the “rowing” motion in Hindus into bodyweight squats (regular) works wonders.

If you understand that form is paramount, so is isometrics.

If you understand that you use your rest periods productively.

If you understand that the focus remains on your breathing, out on the way down, in on the way up – period – no matter what sort of squat you’re doing.

There’s many more – some of you might think “on toes” and not on toes, or a combo is part of it.

Sometimes it is, but thats not the main thing by far.

Neither are “jumping” squats – an advanced version of Hindu squats which many people do, I’ve never found them that essential – so I did not include them in 0 Excuses Fitness – but …

… when you incorporate these bodyweight squats with lunges (an EXCELLENT exercise, period – and one I will cover in the upcoming “Advanced Plyometrics” book) – then you’ve got some serious, serious BURN going – and HEART THUMPING going on!

… and when you incorporate ISOMETRICS into your squatting routine. Might sound “not doable”, but it is, my friend, if you know how and what muscles to clench while doing them – and it isn’t necessarily thighs either.

Anyway, squats are great, period.

As Brooks Kubik said in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, a great book, you should do them daily, for your whole life – period.

It’s that simple.

Fighters (UFC, MMA, boxers, etc) – all use them. Look at someone like Ken Shamrock “the Lion’s Den” who’d pop off 500 of these before a wrestling bout!

Or, someone like Steve Austin.

“If all you’ve got time to do is one exercise, do squats”.

“I dont care what else you do, if you do squats, you’re going to grow, period!”

HE was right – spot on.

Squats – and stair climbing – which I’ve done SO Much off on my beloved hill out there – release growth hormone like nothing can, and boost T levels through the whole body like nothing else.

They promote growth through the entire body – they ensure better assimilation of the food you eat – you can eat more – your digestion improves – your lungs clear – I cannot say enough good things about squats. Should be the baseline of ANY good conditioning routine along with jumping rope!

For women, the best part is you dont get “bulky” by doing these – but you get the sort of strong, lean toned legs that dancers have -and they pack the kick of a mule, as many people know!

(and dancing, ballet etc is not just for women, for those thinking – ask Jean Claude van Damme for one, who credits ballet for his amazing leg strength and flexibility).

Anyway – again.

The REAL key to making bodyweight squats working for you at an advanced level is to combine them, non stop, willy nilly, with LEG movements found in Animal Kingdom Workouts – one of the best books I’ve ever written, even if I say so myself.

Let me tell you, when you do 250 squats straight, and your rest periods include the frog jump – or the duck waddle – you won’t need more conditioning after that most likely!

And thats just off the top of my head (what I did today).

I’ve included other stretches along with my squats, and believe me, they hit the entire body at a level you’ve never felt before.

That, then, is the missive for now.

Get Animal Kingdom Workouts if you have not already, you owe it to yourself to do so NOW, my friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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