- And Nazi feminism is the WORST KIND, period.

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If you want to succeed and achieve at the highest levels possible (in any sphere), then BREAKING free of any and all negative influences is key. 

And one of the most negative influences, one of the most insidous – that “eats away”at you without you even KNOWING IT – is Nazi feminism.

In case you didnt know what it is, it’s the BRATTY “my way or the highway”, “I’m always right” and so forth thinking that the great Russell Crowe fought against in his character in the “Unhinged” – along with the scores of men out there that are silently “seething” about “being used all their lives” and then tossed away like a rag doll for something else when “push came to shove”. 

I’m sure I dont need to explain this feeling to you? 

Well, there is more on it here – a lot more – I highly recommend you read – very carefully – the sales page on this one before BUYING the book, which you simply must do if you’re a real man and if you’re like a lot of men out there that have had similar issues with women (I know a lot of you have). 



Here is what you will learn in this course (the ACTIONABLE TIPS, each one worth what I’m charging for the course, and THEN SOME!) –

(And believe me, there is no better person to bring this info to you than me “in the trenches”). 

You mgtow guys will LOVE this, period. More than that tho, again, the book is ZERO fluff, all actionable tips and techniques that you “rational males” MUST implement, period. 

  1. Always remember the difference between REAL feminism and Nazi feminism – and REPEAT it until the cows come home.
  2. Never give up your financial freedom, or tell them “how you make your money” or “how much you have in the bank”
  3. Why ignoring her is the GOLDEN GOOSE – quite literally!
  4. Why you should remember that with Nazi feminists, and women in general, it’s all TAKE and very little GIVE.
  5. There’s no “past credit” with Nazi feminists. Use that AGAINST them.
  6. Understand that a Nazi feminist always makes sure SHE has money, while ridding you, the man of YOURS.
  7. Understand that you’ll always “be a failure” with Nazi feminists and use that thinking AGAINST THEM.
  8. Understand that they will never change.
  9. Understand that, NO, yours “aint necessarily different”.
  10. Never work jobs that are not of your choosing, no matter what the guilt trip is.
  11. Why engaging directly with Nazi feminists is a losing battle, and how to profit from just that.
  12. Why you SHOULD engage directly with the cucked men that enable all this.
  13. THE SIX TENETS OF NAZI FEMINISM! – Tenet #1 : Recognize the the overriding tenet of Nazi feminism for what it is “my way or the highway”, and USE it against them.
  14. Tenet #2 – Blame and Shame
  15. Tenet #3 – Guilt Trips
  16. Tenet #4 – Conveniently forgetting “facts” when the time is right for THEM.
  17. Tenet # 5 – Hating each other, even “sisters in Nazi Feminism” and women in general.
  18. Tenet #6 – CONTROL!!! (and how to use it against them)
  19. The “natural laws of Nature” don’t change no matter what.
  20. Why you should never tire of telling cucked men that enable this disease for what it is – like it IS.
  21. Why you should RECOGNIZE the fact that anything women can do – men can do better, and HAVE – but the reverse is NOT necessarily true.
  22. Why you should NOT have a child unless YOU absolutely want to (despite all the guilt trips and shennanigans to the contrary).
  23. What you should tell Nazi feminist mothers that claim their sons aren’t good enough to be parents when they themselves fit that particular bill.
  24. What you should tell Bozos that tell you to go to counseling for “not pandering to Nazi feminist views”.
  25. What Bozo Schofield can teach YOU about dealing with cucked males with fantasies they’re too scared to admit.
  26. PROFIT DIRECTLY from Nazi Feminism!
  27. Lose the battle, but ALWAYS win the war
  28. Why shortsightedness is ultimately the bane of Nazi feminism and how to use this to YOUR advantage as a MAN.
  29. Why the truism of “give an inch, and they’ll take a mile” is true x1000 for Nazi feminists.
  30. Why all real men SHOULD Train (physically) regularly
  31. Why all real men should train their MINDS as hard as their bodies, if not harder!
  32. Subconsciously influence Nazi feminists in ways they would NEVER IMAGINE – for your OWN benefit.
  33. Why Chinese women from the mainland are to be absolutely avoided if you’re NOT into Nazi feminism.
  34. Why you should never do the right thing for Nazi feminists
  35. Why you should NEVER worry about “tags” that Nazi feminists (and people in general) give you – and PROFIT from it. In fact you should “embrace and welcome said tags!”
  36. Why you should always “hold money over a Nazi feminist’s head”
  37. Remember the “monkey branching” tenet of Nazi feminists and why it’s such a POWERFUL tool to use as a MAN for your OWN benefit.
  38. Why you SHOULD defend yourself against a Nazi feminist using her gender as an excuse to physically or otherwise attack you.

And much, much more my friend.

Most men live (cucked) lives of desperation..

Dont be one!



PS – You’re free to say “how dare he”, or “who does he think he is” and unsubscribe after reading this, but if you buy into the liberal philosophy of appeasing these corrosive influences to ACHIEVEMENT (in any sphere) – and male rights – well then you’re a cucked Nazi feminist enabler or one of them yourself, simple as that. ​​

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