Half reps do exactly F all.
- True fact, my friend.

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This afternoon, I had another guy training next to me in the park – if you can even call it training.

(I’m not even going to get into the multitude of idiots and bozos out there that preen up and down public parks making silly comments on “why you do pull-ups” and “are you getting in better shape by working out daily” – and “the gym muscles vs bodyweight, bodyweight ROCKS! (but they never do it)” – “lookie lous that claim they do pushups daily, a sum total of 10, and sometimes not even that” and so forth).

(Seems the scamdemic has only increased the number of fools and pretentious, parading buffoons globally).

Anyway, this guy was secretly watching me out of the corner of his eye.

I was doing monkey bar work, and isometric stretches for the legs (this was after a brief roadwork session).

I was mixing it up with pushups and Hindu squats, and the occasional set of 5 pull-ups thrown in – and LOTS of hanging leg raises.

I wrote about the last one yesterday.

So, dude saw me doing pushups.

Then he gets down on the floor to do ’em (the grass).

Dude’s way of shape ,too much drinking and living the “soft life” it would seem – you can literally see his man tits flop about, the sides jiggle and so forth.

He got into an inverted V position.

Then flattened his back a bit – but spread his legs wide out.

Then, from that position he did a pushup – except he bounced down 30 percent of the way, and then up, and then down again for 4 reps – during which you could hear him literally across the park wheezing like an old defunct train.

Guess it’s good he was breathing that deeply, but the pushup itself, man.

And again.

You don’t do pushups with legs spread, my friend, unless you’re doing regular Hindu pushups. For regular pushups, you might want to vary the spacing of the hands, but they should always be STRAIGHT under you (not at an angle which most people keep ’em) and the feet should be TOGETHER to work the lower abs properly.

Then, my pet peeve.

What on earth people do half reps for, I dont know.

I’d rather someone does ONE full rep than 10 pushups with half reps and half baked excuses about “my shoulder hurts” or other crap.

If the shoulder hurts, do isometrics, or lose weight (excess around the midsection makes EVERYTHING harder on the arms) – or warm up more – stretch – but whatever it is, don’t compromise on form – never do it.

When you go all the way down and then back up is when you activate your chest fibers FULLY and optimally, period. I dont know where this jerky up and down style of pushups originated or when it came ‘into vogue’ – but it’s B.S. , period, and it won’t do a thing for your fitness.

Might well end up  injuring you more.

The same thing for squats, so many people do ’em, but I’ve yet to see most people get “ass to grass” on the squat.

Unless you’re going all the way down, you are NOT activating the lower back and glutes fully – period.

And thus, a far less effective workout, not to mention loads more stress on the quads and knees.

Same thing for pull-ups, people do them halfway up and then back down, claiming “they can do it with 100 lbs attached”.

I just saw a video of the above, and dont get me wrong, it’s great guy can at least pull a bit with that much attached to him, but I wonder how many reps he can do (video ended at two) – and those two were done only like a quarter of the way up.

I’d rather ONE good rep with that weight attached, slow and easy up – chin above the bar, pause, and then down…

As for dude above – he tried to do the monkey bars, one at a time, the easy stuff (i was doing them two at a time) – but the first rung he tried, he grabbed his shoulder – and FELL down, after which I never saw him try again.

Folks, these half reps do NOT work – period.

Unless you’re aiming for full reps, and plan on building strength up by half reps, in which case I’m all for it, but even then, there are better ways, but this one works.

But otherwise, half reps are SLOPPY – don’t do ’em, period.

And in life or anything – give it ALL you’ve got – and not HALF of what you’ve got. And even when you think you’re giving it all you have got, you’re usually at only 40% of your capacity.

Remember this!

And, that’s that for this one.

Oh, and get the 0 Excuses Fitness System if you have not already. Lots of you are “clicking in” but have “forgot” to complete the purchase (the software tracks all this) so go ahead and do what you should have done months ago NOW.

Get AFTER it – today!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gotta wonder how people think doing a sum total of 10 pushups daily for MONTHS, and never progressing beyond that will get them fit. The things people think of!

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