Why it’s daily training – that truly kicks ASS – and gets RESULTS.
- If you really want results that last - do something daily.

I have spoken about the benefits of doing something daily – be it life – business – visualization – practice – training – or “simplito” what we call … EXERCISE!

The more I keep hearing about “Rest days” from people that started today, gave it a good shot, then the next few days are too tired to “do anything” – the more I want to bang my head against the wall.

Thats not how to go about it, friend.

Animals in the wild don’t rest the day after they make a huge kill, for which big cats often sprint at speeds upto 60km/hr, not to mention dragging prey over miles of rough, sometimes uphill terrain etc – hiding it – and so forth.

The monkey doesn’t say “I swung myself all day, so I’m taking a break and sitting my ass on the branch today and NOT moving”.

Put it another way, WATER which eventually wears down anything and everything provided there is enough of it, doesn’t do so by doing it every so often.

No .

It hits the rock, barrier, levee, whatever it is – DAILY.

Drop by drop, you don’t even notice it – it wins.

Same thing for business, bank accounts etc. You do something daily. You put something into the account daily, even if it’s only a dime sometimes.

Back in the day, when I first started climbing Qi Feng mountain in China after being introduced to it by the glorious Miss Lee, it was strictly a “do it on the weekend” thing.

Saturdays would be devoted to the hill, sometimes Sundays too.

I’d be SORE when I went into work Mondays, especially when I pulled all nighters on the weekend with the wild parties and such.

But I’d also be feeling GREAT.

Those were the days I had IBS, constipation, and a host of other digestive issues that are “the norm” for most folks out there.

During the week, it would be back to again – doing nothing, or perhaps a few weights here and there.

Amazingly, despite how GOOD I felt after climbing the hill – after that heart pounding, ball busting workout – I never thought of doing it daily!

Until Ann Lee once looked at me reproachfully in the eye after I made some statement about “I wish I could do it daily, but I gotta work!

She stared at me.

“You CAN!”

And that changed it all.

I’d climb it religiously every night after that (after work) – which was when I got to know of a certain Brooks Kubik – and he then sent out the famous email of “Rahul’s hill walking workout from China” to his email list.

And my health improved beyond bounds – I barely knew what IBS was after I started on this regimen.

My weight dropped dramatically too – my pants were damn near starting to slide off, so much so I sometimes double tied a large belt around my waist!

It’s really that daily training that gives results, my friend.

A few years later I didnt have the hill, but I kept myself in superb shape anyway – by sprinting subway stairs and doing pushups 7 days a week (the former 5 days a week, morning and evening).

And so forth.

It has always been DAILY training that has kept me in best shape my friend – that has got me RESULTS – gotten the job done.

Same thing for YOU.

Too tired?

Well, do SOMETHING. Maybe you do 25 pushups instead of 100, maybe you walk a long distance instead of run, anything.

But you do SOMETHING, if that is a small something, thats fine too!

The key is, keep doing, doing, doing until you wear down the resistance and GET to where you want to be …

Anyway – for the hill stories, and how I trained on the hill – Advanced Hill Training is an absolute must grab, friend.

Along with that, check out the new and updated rewards page as well.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee