My fever(ish) workout today.
- Controversial, I'm sure, but there it is.

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Because I’m accountable – because I made a COMMITTMENT.

These words kept playing in my mind this afternoon as I (finally) began my workout with bodyweight squats.

Last night, and indeed a few days prior to this, something was “not quite right” with me.

Dont get me wrong, I had great workouts, I even filmed myself doing gorilla grip work – but I dont know if it’s a new brand of chili powder (I’m a huge fan of fiery stuff, Tabasco included) that I got that “got the old digestive system a bit on the boil” as it were.

It was mostly OK for the past few days, last night, it suddenly hit – as it often does with me – when I get sick, which I RARELY ever do – I can count the number of times I got sick in the past 10 years on the fingers of ONE hand, and less – like, 3 all in all – I get REALLY sick.

The body finally has enough of the punishment I put it through. Hehe.

I suppose that  is it, anyway, I was sweating and had the chills all night long.

(Not to mention, with me, if the CORE goes – everything goes i.e. my stomach)

Now, my first reaction to this was to take some paracetemol, take a day off working out, and so forth.

Nothing unusual there, you’d say

Except, yours truly has this thing about NOT taking commercial over the counter medication unless I REALLY have to.

Give me all the water, all the green tea in the world, all the great food, but I tend to stay away from medication for the most part (though that ain’t nothing against those that don’t).

I’d rather, I thought get a REAL T boost and sweat this out of my system NORMALLY and naturally as opposed to sitting on my arse, shivering away after taking Tylenol or what not.

And so, there it was.

It took me a while to decide, but decide I did.

Instead of pushups, I started with bodyweight squats and HIndus.

Just 50, I thought, then we’ll see how things go.

I did 200.

Now, the only difference was this, I mixed up Hindus and bodyweights in a number sequence I dont normally do, 70, 30, 30, 70.

Other than this, the time taken was a bit more – normally, I Rock out 200 assorted squats in about 6-6.5 minutes, give or take. Today was more like 7 or so.

But thats OK.

When I workout when I’m sick – or even a little sick – THAT is all the leeway I give myself.

Even on the hill ,I climb it SLOWLY.

But unless I’m really unable to move, I just do it anyway.

And right now, though I’m coughing like a motha, I doubt I’ll end up in the ICU. If anything, I’m warmed up and buzzing – and ready to go with isometrics, which will be a longer session to stretch the “shit” out of my system.

The nasty virus, or what not.

In Brooks Kubiks book, Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, he writes about not training if you’re really sick, and taking a few days off.

He also says “if it’s just a mild case of the sniffles”, you might feel better after a workout.

And in 0 Excuses Fitness, I emphasize that pushups and squats should be done daily, period, no matter what.

Kubik says the same thing about bodyweight squats, “do them daily, do them for the rest of your life”.

He’s right, so am I.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day off, of course, if you’re sick – dont get me wrong. Not everyone is as fanatical about workouts, but I made a commitment, I made a promise to myself, and I do not generally break promises unless the situation is REALLY fucking dire.

Accountability, if just to myself.

Anyway …………..

The other difference other than time was I guzzled more water through the workout than I normally would, because my body needs it with all the chill induced sweating.

But I’m sitting here now, warm, maybe not feeling like a zillion bucks, but definitely way, way, like 10x better than before I did it. (I took a laundry break too, for those interested).

Thats how to live life, my friend.

Fearless, unafraid, and regular heavy exercise your entire life done right.

And you cannot ignore pushups and squats, period, nothing gets the deep breathing and system cleansing going as well as these too (and sprints, hiking etc).

I’m out.

I’ll write to you from the ICU too.


Kidding – but most people are WAY too quick to scream Uncle rather than tough it through and feel better at the end …


Rahul Mookerjee

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