What if the ability to train – or even MOVE – was taken away from you??
- This is something that just struck me

With the ongoing scamdemic, Omni-scam, Delta – what not, booster nonsense, and other utter rot – one thing is for sure – those that get the plague from China DO suffer immeasurably (if they end up in the ICU, not all that “Test positive” do, of course).

But the small minority that does, admittedly it’s those with pre existing health conditions, or those that have lung complications anyway and all that – but those that do end up in the ICU suffer immeasurably.

And as I keep seeing (some of it no doubt “media doctored”) images of folks with tubes out their nostrils, gasping for breath etc, ICU’s filled to the brim, and what not – what one of my customers once said about this whole mess – struck me.

As well as what he said about TRAINING.

There is not much to report, life just seems to have degenerated into one long round of Covid19 mutated variants that the world’s governments are using as an excuse to control and manipulate their populations, the trouble is the majority of these people actually believe that it’s all about their governments doing their best to “keep them safe” from this deadly virus that is going to kill them if they don’t follow their orders and keep getting jabbed when instructed to.

How long will it take before people realise that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness???

So true – and my opinion and thoughts on this mess (which I really believe is backed up by solid facts and common sense) have been well outlined on numerous occasions before, so I’ll “save it” for now.

(but, I will address part of it later in this email too)

Then, I sent out another email on accountability the day before my birthday, I believe.

Or maybe it was ON my birthday, I can’t quite recall, but John replied to this too, and here’s part of the (training relevant) response he gave me –

After reading this email and viewing your YouTube video on “accountability” I thought I’d add a few comments/observations.

Whilst holding yourself accountable is an acceptable method of overcoming a lack of motivation to train, I’d like to offer what I feel is a better alternative method.

I consider it a privilege to be able to train whenever or wherever you wish, allow me to explain what I mean.

Imagine being unable to train due to ill health or physical disability, this is a situation I found myself in when I injured my spine in 2006, when you are forced to stop training because you are not physically able to train anymore certainly makes you appreciate having all your bodily functions working optimally.

When you look at how many people who would love to have the ability to train but cannot, you really begin to fully grasp just what a privilege training is.

Although I’ve managed to get myself back into regular training, I’ve never got back to the condition I was in prior to my injury and with my disability I know I never will but knowing that things could be much worse I cherish every workout that I’m able to perform because I understand just how easy it would be for my situation to change dramatically.

If you keep this thought uppermost in your mind that your ability to train could be snatched from you at any time I believe this would be all the motivation you would need.

Now, and again I wrote about this at length HERE -but training wise, I’d like to address two things.

First, he is spot on about Einstein’s definition of insanity up there, and of course, the sheeple globally have already bought into it claiming it’s “science backed” while the facts disprove the so called science every freaking day – but doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results?

In some cases, perhaps it’s time to do something else.

But in yet more cases, fitness being one, or perhaps business, it might just be PERSISTENCE that is required i.e. “keep doing the thing until you GET the result you want” – perhaps the result that you want that hasn’t materialized as well will only do so once you put in the time and effort demanded of anything serious.

There’s a hell of a lot to be said for sticking to a routine, mastering ONE exercise – despite the “down days”, “days when you dont feel it it” – as well as the “fantastic” days you have – and DOING the thing until you see the result.

Of course, I’ve absolutely no doubt John agrees with this; he meant what he did in terms of the complete lunacy we’re seeing out there for the past couple of years (and more if you look at how the world has been going in general before that as well).

And I agree with him …

But what I REALLY wanted to talk about, his statement about “what if you can’t train or if the ability to train, more pertinently, was taken away from you due to factors you cannot control”.

I feel you, John!

Not just because of his own personal situation he mentioned up there- thats gotta be frustrating for a former Samurai for one, but credit goes to the man – he took it on the chin – and DID – and continues to do – WHAT HE CAN!

Trust me, this guy used to be REALLY strong .

Like one arm chin up strong, 600 lbs deadlifts, running 3 miles in under 19 minutes, some of that no doubt on hilly terrain… and more.

Like, really fucking strong.

And FIT.

And yet, despite his situation today, he does what he can, and is still a phenom and inspiration for all of us out there!

(For reference, a sample bodyweight workout for him which according to him was “nothing much” (paraphrasing) – 500 squats, 21 pull-ups and 50 pushups – well past what most so called fitness fanatics could do!)

I’ve been stuck with dealing with a nasty case of the flu as many of ya’ll know, but I got to thinking “what if I ever got so weak walking a couple of steps took it out of me?”

“what if I couldn’t lift half a bucket of water if I had to”

“what if I could barely squat down in any position for any length of time without my muscles and joints aching and screaming”

And more – and what if all this, was brought on not to due being unfit etc, but extenuating circumstances I could not control?

THAT, my friend, is when you really, really appreciate what you’ve got NOW in front of you!

That being, the ability to train, workout hard.

In good health.

And so forth.

And given the madness and covid mess everywhere, I thought this to be as good a time as any to bring this up – again – I wrote about it before, like I said.

Thats it for now, friend.

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Rahul Mookerjee