Why calling upon the Universe “when in trouble” ain’t gonna necessarily help …
- This is a must read.

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In 2016, it was, I believe, when I messaged my wife (WeChat, I believe) about the power of visualization, and how – if done correctly – it can open doors for you that you never believed possible.

Mistake numero uno – never share these insights with those not attuned to the Universe – in reality!

Advice only works if the person in front of you is open to receiving it.

I still remember the angry, frustrated response she gave me – completely UNRELATED to what was being discussed.

Basically an angry rant of “your life is great, but mine isnt!”

And of course, blaming me for it. Is what I got in response.

Now, I didnt talk to her again about this.

But starting 2020 or so, and this isn’t just her – I’ve noticed a growing, and exponential number of people – starting to “believe” in visualization in one way, shape or form – people that would have scoffed at it earlier.

When the shoe starts to pinch, as they say!

I always laugh (secretly) when I see my wife writing out statements (or, if I “hear of it) such as …

“I surrender myself to the Universe”.

“The Lord is my protector” (she isn’t Christian)

And other such statements … in perfect cursive at that (a skill I have admittedly never mastered, hehe, and havent quite bothered to either).

Not because of “how” or what she is doing.

In and as of itself, writing things down isn’t bad at all – it’s another way to reinforce what you WANT to your subconscious mind …

But have you ever noticed two things?

One, people usually only call upon the “Universe” or “God” – “when in need”.

That is not how it works, friend.

It has to be a continual process, like anything else.

Second ,more importantly …

It’s fine to WRITE – or think until the pigs fly home to roost.

But … what are the REAL visuals you’re seeing as you write out what you are.

If you’re writing – “I’m at peace with my past”, yet, you feel ANGRY when you think about it – you’re not at peace with anything.

And so forth.

The only reason I chuckle a lot about all this is because when yours truly did tell people about it “back in the day”, the same thing happened to me i.e. they’d scoff at me.

My point in saying this?

Is that all the visualization in the world won’t work – and won’t work right – until and unless it’s backed up by the right FEELINGS.

Thats just how it is, friend.

And it’s working on changing the inner you that really counts in life, or anything else.

Exercise wise, I’ve spoken about how visualization can indeed move mountains.

You see yourself fit – repeatedly – the YOU you want to be – first.

But simply staring at a picture, albeit in your mind – won’t do a lick of good unless it’s backed up by the right feelings and of course, action.

Do you FEEL you can get there?

THAT is the most important question to ask, period.

And it’s something that will be the limiting factor in terms of visualization of any nature.

I keep telling students on my coaching calls that while “writing it down” is fine – actually, even that isn’t totally fine – most affirmations they teach you are B.S. i.e. if a person is not at peace, the best thing he/she can do is FACE the turmoil and admit it’s fucked up – not just say or write “I’m at peace” … – or while “thinking about it is fine” – the real magic happens in terms of feelings.

And looking at my results, and some of the other (not) results I’ve seen in people’s lives, well, the proof – is indeed – in the pudding!

Anyway …………….

I’ve outlined the mental for you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and more than the actual exercises themselves, which are important, don’t get me wrong, the 10 Commandments of Physical Success is a must read, my friend, for success at life – or anything you do, really.

Get the System now, as it WILL change your life in ways you never imagined before.


Rahul Mookerjee

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