Personally, I think Boris is, as I’ve always felt, a good ole boy – perhaps the timing was inappropriate, but thats it, not like we’ve all never done it…
- Emphasis on the last part.

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“Brother matey” as some from the UK would no doubt chime in!

I dont know, this public outrage over ole Boris’s parties (truth be told, I’ve had far wilder ones in China!) – is a bit …. well, somewhat justified from a CERTAIN angle, but hypocritical to the extreme from another, depends on how you look at it.

You could probably say the same about Novak’s deportation from Australia as well … though to me, that case is nowhere near as “blurry”, thats cut and dry to me, he should never ever have been deported, period. (I’ve mentioned why in that post).

Anyway, Partygate I believe is what it is for the good ole boy right about now, and the public outrage about the “drinking culture” and so forth?

First, as I keep saying, it’s a democracy, the people elect those they WANT to elect, in general, the drinking culture in the UK has been out of control for a while now – it’s kinda unfair to simply shine the spotlight on ole Boris …

Admittedly it wasn’t the smartest thing to do before Prince Phillips funeral, admittedly with COVID etc lockdowns everywhere at the time – but truth be told, back to drinking?

I dont know a single person that hasn’t wanted to, and hasn’t gotten plastered, red faced, at least once , if not more – during these bloody lockdowns, which are really what the outrage should be upon in my book.

(I mean, Trump said as much during the 2020 Presidential Debates on the plague, that it was causing a whole host of other problems, alcoholism and drug abuse being one, and truth be told, anyone with a smidgeon or iota of common sense could see it coming).

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying Boris should be getting “royally trashed” while holding the office of PM for one, parties, boxes of wine or what not, they even ended up breaking a kiddie swing or something in the garden.


Lots of merriment no doubt, turned out to be another foot in the mouth for ole Boris, but again, nothing we all have not done before, yours truly included.

(And at least he didn’t do what Butter Idiot Bozo Schofield from Brum did, literally putting phenyl or whatever disinfectant he did up his ass “to get vaccinated” (but not before sending chuck several wild messages in that regard)

I’ve included several wild tales of mine from China in the past, the one I hadn’t spoken about as yet was when I got stone cold trashed without meaning to in a bar in Mississippi, remembered nothing after dancing with a bodacious chickie “copping a feel was ole Rahul” – and then the next morning I woke up.

Got to know I was running around literally “sipping” from beer all over the bar, luckily it was mostly all college students that knew me and were happy to humor me. Hehe.

I rarely, if ever, for years, regardless of how drunk I get lose recollection of “the night before”, but plenty of people I’ve known have.

And I did too sometimes back inthe day, though again, not too often I’ll admit.

Anyway – Boris?

He got drunk, all this public outrage, again, unless I’m missing something, is … well, “ho hum” to me.

If I am wrong, or uninformed of the facts, please let me know. I’ll be the first to tell you that news these days just pisses me off, I rarely read through it long enough to even give it the time of day, it’s all liberal bullshit “my way or the highway” …

Anyway, ole Boris got caught on the wrong foot, I’ll admit.

Much like Governor De Santis of Florida who got asked if he was vaccinated, and his by now famous stutter on (or I believe, the question was about boosters) … “uh oh”.

Initially I thought it was a political stunt, given all going on these days, well could be, later, upon seeing the video, I saw it wasn’t.

True gaffe, De Santis, and dont get me wrong, I admire Ron greatly – he’s done a great job for FL – and continues to (much like Governor Abbott in TX) – was definitely caught on the wrong foot.

Can’t help but notice too what the Trumpinator said about “gutless politicians” – which I have to admit, he’s right, if you took the vaccine, just up and say it …


But anyway Mike Pompeo remains my man for the next Presidential elections.

Dark horse, perhaps – but I believe he’s got all the right creds, and I’ve said why HERE.

And I believe time will probably prove me true, partially at least.

Can’t beat common sense, period …

Anyway – ole Boris might have shot himself in the foot careerwise without meaning to, whether or not he really cares at this point, of course, only the man knows.

I kinda like him.

As I like most of the “older folks” in the UK – all pretty much solid outstanding individuals with a grasp on reality, and none of this liberal leaning BS we see all over the world today.

“Brother matey”, I’d say to Boris.

Have another Guiness, for God’s sake, not that nasty red wine…


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you truly want to drink up, and more so NOW – well, I wouldn’t advocate it, but be my guest. Everything in moderation, I’d say.

But, if you still want to disregard that advice and keep paryting it up – do so – just for heavens sake mix it up with a healthy, equally extreme dose of “Eat More – Weigh Less!”.

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