“Phat wrestlers”, and more …
- And this dude was REALLY phat!

In the Bourne Identity (the first movie in the series), you see Jason Bourne with Marie in a restaurant, where he attempts to explain his dark past – that he himself has forgotten.

“Who has a gun and six passports, and currency in different denominations in a numbered Swiss account – on their hip”?

“I can tell you how many people are left handed and righthanded in this place. I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars out there backwards. I can tell you the man there is “50 lbs overweight” (he points at a man drinking a beer on a barstool) and knows how to handle himself. I can run flat out at this altitude for 30 seconds without stopping before my hands start to shake. “

He pauses, looks at Marie

“Now why would I know all that, but not know who I am”.

She starts to get convinced of his memory loss.

Now, thats a great movie, Matt Damon did a great job in it – and for a self proclaimed foodie that puts on weight easily, Damon got into GREAT shape for the movie.

Hills and pull-ups were part of his routine, he got up to the point where he could do 30 plus in a row – from not being able to do ONE.

(admittedly in the movie he does half pull-ups, but thats fine – combat pull-ups!)

(i.e.situation specific).

But anyway …

A lot of the stuff he mentions up there may sound “intriguing” and to those not in the know, it might sound like “woah, this dude really is something!”.

But truth be told, its all about OBSERVATION -and honing that observation – either naturally – or otherwise.

“You’re very observant, Rahul!” was one of the first comments my buddy from the Marines made about me when I mentioned his “swimmer’s chest and shoulders”.

That I am!

Sizing someone up “in general” quickly – based upon GUT feeling and knowledge that comes from “being in the trenches” is what its about.

And I’ve done it all my life …

I can take a look at you today – and then maybe a week later, and tell you – usually correctly, that you “didnt workout for a few days” – or “have been hitting it even harder”.

These things show, to those of us that are observant and can see past the external fluff(ola).

And combine it with some training, to do what Bourne did is hardly that difficult (though the running certainly is!).

But anyway ………….

Yesterday, I saw a picture of a PHAT – an OBESE, really – wrestler – who was claiming he was part of the Texas Independent Wrestler’s promotion.

Now, this guy was PHAT – really big.

HUGE belly!

But something about him struck me as odd – it was a flabby belly yes, but his chest wasn’t flabby at all, which is something you dont notice with someone who is truly phat and nothing else i.e. the man boobs are almost always there.

REgardless, given that pro wrestling these days has become far more “toned” than the “bulk” in days bygone, where it was ok to be “big and fat” (but strong) – given even traditional Indian wrestlers, not exactly known for their leanness, or lack of it are becoming LEAN as heck – I didnt believe what he said.

Well, I should say I believed it, but …

“Wrestler?” , I posted. “But he’s too out of shape to be a serious wrestler, no offense meant!”

All the while thinking, this dude could probably slam me at least ONCE – now whether or not he’d have gas left in the tank to do it over and over again, thats a different tale!

That one time might be enough tho – IF he got a hold to me. Hehe.

But anyway ……..

This morning, I received a response from the guy – who to his credit, took it like a man.

He posted a picture of himself in his TX wrestling attire.

And I noticed those massive forearms again, they look like they belong on a grizzly. Hehe.

“Certainly forearms of a wrestler”, I quipped.

Now, why do I mention this.

It’s because of this – that sometimes – often times – looks aren’t everything.

Its how the person moves, its how the person does other things …

But on the other hand, out of shape is out of shape, period.

Brooks Kubik once said it in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training.

“If you’ve got a big gut, then you’re not going to look like an athlete. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but it’s true”.

I keep saying the same thing myself!

Admittedly in those pro wrestling contests its more about pantomine than real wrestling – its nigh impossible for real wrestlers to be that fat and overweight.

Just take a look at Olympic wrestlers for one…

Point of all this, and I’m sure this is another reason the dude didnt crib about it.

There is no excuse to be FAT and have a big gut hanging down to your ankles, period.


The core is by far the most important part of your body to train, along with the grip .

And the exercises I give you in Corrugated Core are a great way to do it, and whip yourself into shape or back into shape as the case might be.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee