” My gut looks this way because I had Life saving surgery for Stage 4 Colon Cancer and multiple Hernias in 2011″
- Where is YOUR excuse?

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I wrote about “phat” wrestlers before here.

And I wrote about how the dude took my initial, off the cuff reaction “i.e. too fat to look like a serious wrestler” not just sportingly, but like a man – which I truly appreciated, and I said as much.

i.e. I told him as much publicly – thank you for reacting to my comment like a real man.

It wasn’t so much criticism to me as it was an observation (’twas a lady that he was replying to, on Twitter, I got pulled into it, and so forth…)

But anyway, you guys – you can read the post above.

And this morning, he replied with this –

I appreciate both the good gesture and the criticism. It helps motivate me into getting better both inside and out. My gut looks this way because I had Life saving surgery for Stage 4 Colon Cancer and multiple Hernias in 2011. I am now trying to get back in shape. Thanks.

Now, thats some serious stuff!

My responses –

No problem – thats some serious stuff right there! Glad you’re recovered from the surgery – so it seems – and can finally start blasting that core back into shape (hopefully!).

Btw, I’d assume you’re VERY limited in what you can do “core wise” in terms of exercise (i.e. core being from your lower chest to knees, which Im sure you know) … ?

Now, a coupla things…

I dont know if he’s still unable to lift heavy, train hard, do strenous activity etc.

That sort of surgery, multiple ones, I dont know, I ain’t no expert on it, not even close, but I’d say it would put one out of commission for at least 6-8 weeks or so …

At a minimum.

Then you have all the meds you gotta take, some of them cause weight gain, bloat and so forth ..

Then you’re limited by a ton of “advice” from the doctors, some warranted, some not.

I still remember a PHAT Doctor with no medical issues himself telling me when I had the flu “don’t swim for X number of days!” – and “Don’t drink beer!”

That was way back in the day, with my Mom pestering him to put the part about beer in.

Strange the way so called families work, and so called doctors get pestered by ladies that know nothing better to do than pester and be a pest…

But anyway – I still remember Uncle Bob shaking his head when I ran that by him.

“Well, in terms of the swimming, a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do!” (when I told him I swam anyway. hehe).

The most RETARDED advice some of these docs give, not to mention they’re not exactly pictures of health themselves.

Anyway …..

I dont know, 2011 is a long time, but I dont know his exact situation.

And I dont really know the guy, or the “gal” through whom we met, but I’d be more than happy to offer some advice if he needed it, and I will if he asks.

Key thing, it seems hes trying to get back into shape, which is what counts.

Key thing, he didnt wilt up into a ball and cry “Uncle” and say “he’s sooooooooo rude and mean” when I pointed out the facts about his gut (again, to me it was a factual observation, much like about his massive forearms!).

Compare with that Bozo Schofield for one “Mr Whiner” …

Or, compare that with a certain “Charles” who every time (and he’s admittedly FAT – way more so than this dude and it’s all inactivity, no medical reasons there!) – I point it out – throws a hissy fit saying “your advice about pull-ups doesn’t help anyone or anything!”.

Dude, sometimes you gotta just admit the facts.

If you can’t do a pull-up, in the majority of cases it is because you’re fat, lazy (too much spread around the MIDSECTION) and aren’t willing to do what it takes to get to where you can become a stud at them.

All of this boils down to two things ,and I said this yesterday.

There’s two types of people in this world.

One, the DOERS.

And two – the sheep – followers – whiners – moaners – pissers – groaners – Mama’s boys – Bozos – faggots – and excuse makers.

I could add on tons of words to numero two.

And as I said in my email directed to lurkers the other day, I cater to only category ONE.

Only you can decide which one YOU fall in, my friend.

If it’s the first, I’m glad for you, and I’ll always be there for you.

If its the second, I support your right to choose – but I can’t say I “agree” with your chocie. Hehe.

Last, but not least, that thing about accountability.

I’ve shared stories galore of folks going above and beyond to do the thing – to train hard – when they are stuck with or in conditions that a lot of other people are lucky not to have and never will have.

Where is YOUR excuse then?

And in terms of training the core, the best course to start whittling the fat away is right here – Corrugated Core. 

Along with that, be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System (another prime fat guzzler) right NOW.

I look forward to HEARING about your progress, so I can share it with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

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