Plank vs pushup
- I'd choose the LATTER.

Lots has been written about the plank, an exercise which along with the utterly useless and completely MORONIC CRUNCH – seems to be regarded as of the “fitness ideals” everyone should look to achieve i.e. hold a plank for X amount of time.

Now, I’m not saying the plank is utterly useless, in that regard, I’d never put it in the same bracket as the crunch (which is not just useless and catering towards lazy phocks – but can also cause harm to your spine and lower back because of the limited range of motion, isolation, tendency that people have to RUSH through reps and so forth) …

… and if it works for some people, why not.

But theres a better alternative, my friend.

I’ve often wondered why people wouldn’t just get into the pushup position and use that as a plank?

Maybe because it’s easier to rest your weight, sometimes considerable, on the sides of your forearms…

I will tell you one thing though, I’ve done both – I’ve held BOTH poses for periods of time – and the plank doesn’t even come close in terms of how it affects the whole body to the “pushup position”.

In the former, your abs get some work, yes, so does your lower back, but very minimal compared to the latter.

The latter now, it FRIES your abs if you simply hold the pose for more than a minute.

Not only that, your triceps, shoulders, and upper chest – and lower back – will scream too if you hold this position for elongated periods of time in proper form.

Do them on your fingertips, man oh man, I’ve never experienced a rush in my forearms that I get from holding the fingertip pushup position perfectly without moving a cm for long periods of time!

Not to mention, its just a far more functional and natural movement – the pushup.

The plank, well, how many times in real life do you push with the sides of your forearms?

Again, I’m not saying it’s useless.

Maybe for some people that are so out of shape, and there are many, that HOLDING the pushup position for even a second is too much … it’s a start.

But even in that case, I’d recommend the pushup position – so you work it ISOMETRICALLY to build strength – and burn PHAT.

Anyway, the best thing about the pushup plank, as I call it?

It not only works the core – even for advanced core trainees – but it also improves pushup ability.

If you’re a stud that can do 50 perfect pushups slow and easy, but can’t go beyond?

Hold – simply hold – at the end of them 50 pushups.

Then do 5 more.

Then hold again.

You’ll be able to do 2 more!

If you’re a beginner that can’t do one?

Same thing.

So there’s that added advantage.

To me, I’ve always gone in with the winners take all mentality – life, fitness, women, whatever. Hehe.

And on that last note, i.e. women.

Even if many of you guys are training for looks alone which you should not be, the importance of proper core training and a FLAT,  lean midsection – cannot be overestimated!

Your woman might not TELL you.

She might be happy with you as a “bear” and she might say it too.

But believe me, when youve got that flat stomach, when she feels those SIDES “in bed” or otherwise … thats a different feeling.

I’m certainly not going to go all erotic on you here.

But the fact is, women value a flat stomach FAR more than idiotic biceps bigger than beachballs, or “he’s so huge he could bench a Mack Truck!” or any of this other nonsense.

A flat stomach, shapely butt, and strong legs.

Believe me, I’ve been on both sides of the equation.

Both the “bear” side – and the trim, toned – lean and mean side.

And I know from experience what I tell you HERE. Hehe.

And of course, health wise, CORE – it all starts from the core.

And if “all I want is strength”, well, the core connects your upper and lower body together, it generates power for your punches and kicks (those of you that are fighters), it allows you to push and pull MORE …

Core, my friend, is where it all starts, and ends.

Core, my friend, is that one giveaway along with your forearms and traps – and legs – about your CURRENT training status.

And you cannot ignore it, period.

Go HERE to learn more about training the core.

And get the book NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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