My thoughts on “astro”
- Astrology, as it's so called...

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Like most of these “current trends”, astrology is HUGE these days, my friend.

Much like the stock market, which everyone and their mother is jumping into these days.

 “A dying man grasps at a straw”.


Any straw and literally, I could tell you people that have become multi-millionaires imparting “so called wisdom” they learnt YESTERDAY from another so called guru on Youtube with “x” number of followers, and spouting off their new found knowledge to others and sundry (all with a vibe of “life isn’t going that well at all, let’s astro it a little”).

The real key is meditation, which most of these buffoons ignore in their long phone calls and chatter about “this is how it’s done” and even more insane prattle-do-videos.

Isn’t it interesting how people always turn to “salvation” when times are tough, not realizing, as I wrote about before, that it’s a lifelong process i.e. God, or astro, or whichever fucking planet ain’t gonna show up to save the day.

YOU have to.

Then this nonsense about “the planets are not aligned”.

Then, you have Bozos making predictions about years.

In 2021, it was supposed to be “when everything got back to normal” – and some nonsense astrology on planets was pulled out to support that.

Was it?


My wife told me it was the year “lots of people will brag”.

I didnt see that many doing it…

Then 2022 is supposed to be, according to her, the “year of justice”.

I almost bit my lip trying not to laugh.

I mean, just why this year?

Why not others?

Think it’s just NOW? during covid? Think again, my friend.

People made all sorts of dire predictions of the world coming to an end etc in the year 2000.

“Everything will stop working!” (because of some tech issue with computers not recognizing dates or some rot).

To the best of my knowledge, nothing stopped working.

We continued to survive – and THRIVE.

Then this rubbish, and I’ve been questioned on it – on life paths, numbers, and other hocus pocus.

Dont get me wrong, I believe deeply in the spiritual. In numbers. In CELESTIAL messages, and I get them daily.

Yet, yapping about this nonsense all day – the true DOERS, the true knowledgeable folks – keep it to themselves, and only impart their wisdom to a very select few (like I do).

“What are your thoughts on it”,  I am asked.

Life paths, life numbers?

Look, all it really means is you MAY (emphasis on MAY as opposed to “are”) predisposed or otherwise pre-supposed to certain things, tendencies, paths, habits or what not.

Note I said MAY.

End of the day, your mind counts, simple.

There is nothing that says you cannot succeed and achieve in something other than what “the Gods determined” you to be.

Every time I hear this prattle, accompanied by the “wear X number of beads on right wrist, this color on this day” and other rubbish – or was it left, hehe – I want to puke.

“Its about YOU” and your will at the end of the day, what YOU TRULY WANT AND DESIRE. 

Ain’t nothing, astrology included, standing between you and your goals. Period, simple, plain as that.

As fucking daylight.

People dont get it.

People want an excuse.

People want an excuse to believe.

For the select few for who this nonsense actually works, they understand it’s about BELIEF – thats all that counts.

If you TRULY BELIEVE, then so it shall be!

Beads, chains, amulets…

And other hocus pocus.

It only works if you believe.

More on that link above, but those are my thoughts on astrology – and dont get me wrong, there is SOMETHING to it most likely, as there is to all ancient “arts” or sciences or what not, but what people have made it out to be?


And there enedth this sermon. or was that a rant, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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