Why core strength and conditioning go hand in hand. And so they should!
- Yes, they do - and should!

When you’re really out of breath – what part of your body does – or should, at any rate go “in and out” while your lungs burn?

When you’re training the core hard, hard, hard – do you usually get out of breath?

When you’re walking right – breathing right – as I teach you in Advanced Hill Training and 0 Excuses Fitness respectively – where do you feel it most?

when you start to lose weight, where is the most noticeable FIRST?

You got it, friends.

Most people will answer “core” as a common denominator above, and they’d be right.

Conditioning wise, first thing that comes to mind?

The core!

The two, my friend go together, not just because they “do” – because they SHOULD.

“You can have all the skills in the world, but if you’re tired on the mat and can’t execute them – or not think right to execute them due to fatigue – youre a goner!”

Thats wrestling related, but conditioning is equally important in any sport – even the mental ones like chess.

Dont believe me on that last one?

Ask any grandmaster how they train before their competitions.

You might be very very surprised to learn their training isn’t all mental, the bulk of it is physical, and not just sitting yakking in the gym, it’s literally IRONMAN like training!

More on that later, but they both feed off each other, friend. It’s impossible to achieve high mental focus without the right amount of physical activity behind it, and vice versa too, just being a “dumb” jock don’t count for nada either.

Anyway ……..

Onto the topic of the wrassler we’ve been discussing!

The more I hear from him, the more I like the dude.

No wonder he’s from TX. Hehe.

I have went from 365lbs to 250lbs and want to be a slim 225lbs. I do crunches, a ton of core work, because of wrestling conditioning and core strength is key to last an hour in the ring. Not counting training and warming up before the show which I do 5 hours before dressing out

Yours truly –

I have to agree – core strength, and conditioning – which of course go hand in hand! As they say, you can have all the skills in the world, but if you’re tired on the mat … you’re a “goner”. Haha.

And thats a great goal to have in terms of weight, assuming you’re over 6 feet tall … Try sprints – you’ll get that fat down before you know it!

I should have actually told him to get on Advanced Hill Training too (because you dont even need a hill for those routines, though it certainly amps the effect even more).

And, I’m pretty sure he’s at least 6’3″ something. I can feel it.

But anyway, back to the 2 C’s.

Think about it, even exercises – how many times do you see a serious core exercise you might think of as “strength alone” – not condition you too?

Hanging leg raises, for one.

Sit ups.

The jack La Lanne pushup!

And many, many more.

Or, in reverse, lets say you do sprints for weight loss and conditioning like I suggested to him – and like the greats (Herschel Walker, Walter Peyton amongst a ton of other luminaries) ….

Look at the MUSCLES those guys – or any serious sprinter for that matter – or cats in the wild, who sprint to eat basically – sport!

It works that way, my friend.

Conditioning and core work are not just the two most important aspects of your training regimen along with grip and leg work – but they go TOGETHER, period.

And you should do them till the day you pass!

And thats the lesson – again – from here.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee