On “family” (so called) and more . . .
- This is sure to grate but so be it.

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I was reading something the other day about a fitness guy who travels to China occasionally (far less than what he used to back in the day) to do Tai Chi and stuff (sounds like ME to a T except the Chinese wife and the Tai Chi ain’t what I’d personally do, but hey. Even Tai Chi originated as a fighting art, so who am I to say “no” unless I DO the thing – though for the most part, it’s great for fitness until a certain point, but doesn’t have much real world use – I wrote about that before).

Nothing against traditional martial arts, some like the very little known “monkey style” martial arts – work great!

Truly good to catch an opponent off balance, and my, those moves they do it – mostly all done from a SQUATTING position – will turn you into a a beast before you know it.

Animal kingdom training will do that to you!

But this one isn’t about training, it’s about life – family – or so called family.

Anyway, so “guru” was writing about how his family would be there in the wings to “greet” him every time he showed up back from China.

Now, people rarely are what they claim they are publicly – not everyone is as brutal about their lives (honestly) as I am.

Most aren’t, not even the so called “keeping it real” dudes.

But anyway, that one “smelt” true (what he wrote).

And I Remember thinking, I wonder how that would feel …

i.e. my “family” ever missing me or wanting to pick me up – or drop me off – to anywhere – unless it suits their OWN vested needs (usually not in sync with mine).

(not my needs, or my wants).

It’s always been a tale of polar opposites since I was born.

I believe a LOT of the blame for the current status of the “no” relationship lies with both parties, but primarily, you can never take away the parent’s side of it in it.

They’re the ones, after all, that gave birth to someone and they had full choice in how the person grew up – the person growing up didnt

I can just hear people saying “but they’re your parents anyway”.


But simply being a biological parent (I have my doubts sometimes given all the differences even in that regard) doesn’t entitle you to squat, my friend.

Thats fine to those thinking “he shouldn’t be thinking that way”.

But to me, it should be BOTH ways i.e. the “but he’s your son” should apply as well.

It never has to me, or for me, my whole life.

Never ever!

I am more from the sort of family where once in China, I requested my “wife” to help me book an Uber or something, since I couldn’t do it from my phone (I don’t have an Indian phone, or at least I didnt then) (and India Uber only wanted India numbers or something) and she acted like “you’re acting like royalty!”

(apparently taking a cab is royalty).

Or, my parents.

Who just had to pick up and drop my sister off from everything, to anything and everything, molly coddle until today – yet for me, from a young age – the reverse.

I was always the one upon whom unrealistic expectations and burdens were thrust – from a young age – oddly enough, what I REALLY wanted, ie. hard expectations TRAINING wise, physically, those were always pooh poohed.

But of course, Heaven Forbid I did not get the goddamned scholar badge one year in school . . .

Like any of that shit matters anyway.

Ultimately, it’s education in the field of LIFE – in the CRUCIBLE of life – that truly matters.

Dont get me wrong, I am not underestimating or otherwise denigrating the value of education, but I’m being real here.

All the education in the world won’t help you when you get a punch nicely thrown at you, for one.

I adapted Mike Tyson’s saying about PLANS hehe, when he said “all the plans in the world won’t mean much when you get punched on the nose in the ring”.

He said it in a slightly more brutal fashion. But it’s true!

But anyway … why do I tell you this?

Certainly not so you agree with me, or feel sorry for me, or anything of that nature.

It’s because starting this year, Prior to the release of my upcoming book “From 120 – 60 kgs, from LOSER to WINNER – Concieve, Believe, Achieve!” – I want to put out even more of my life – the dirty, ugly aspect, the BRUTAL part of it – that I have not until now.

It will serve as a great prequel to the book.

And until I get invited to a podcast, or start the 0 Excuses Fitness podcast myself … well, these emails here are going to have to suffice.


It’s a very well known fact I do best on my lonesome, always have – and when I’m a free bird, traveling, with no restrictions etc, living life in the flow, like I want to.

Not for me the restrictions most people deem as “necessary”.

It’s never worked for me, and it never ever will.

The point, though is this … if YOU are stuck in a toxic situation like that family wise, my friend, and many of you ARE, but don’t talk about that, then it will eat away at you like water, and wear you down no matter what.

Think being in prison, except with all the daily responsiblities of daily life.

No-one can survive … or, well, thrive in that sort of environment unless you’re exceptional.

I have.

But I’ve left every opportunity I got (though admittedly, I did my best to give family a fair dinkum shot, but some things are not meant to be) I got.

Because subconsciously, especially when there is more than one person “against” you – you’ll be constantly battling them subconsciously.

You might win.

I have.

But is it really worth it spending your time and energy on that crap?

I think not…

And to escape from situations like that, you have to first learn how to THRIVE in extreme adverse situations like Nazi feminist dominated households are – and therefore, my book on it.

You better pick this one up now, my friend – its truly information no-one has put out there, I’m yet to see anything like it in the Mgtow sphere either.

“I used to think the MGTOW guys were stupid, now I know not!”


So said a great customer, and he’s right…

Anyway …

You must, as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla told me once a few years ago, keep your training up.

Keep the ANIMAL side up.

“Never stop training, Rahul!” , he said, after saying “You’re in excellent shape, I could hardly hear you breathing!” (we were trekking up 14 flights of stairs to his place with beer which left his legs wobbly for days, for me, it was like “easy peasy lemon squeezy”).

Because the minute you do, they’ll get you down.

They would try anyway.

So those are the lessons for this one.

And I’ll be back … VERY soon with another purely training related email.

Be on the outlook for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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