The EYE of the TRAINEE!
- And a serious one hehe.

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I’ve written before about the eye of the TIGER – the LOOK in the eye – the lean, mean, HUNGRY look that literally screams “COME GET IT!”

I’ve always had it for most of my life – well, HALF of it thus far. Hehe. I’ve never had it when I was a phat phocker, although yes even then MENTALLY I had it spot on.

And the vibe ultimately permeated.

Anyway, I’ve been a huge proponent of the eyes – the eyes, that literally give away our deepest emotions and thoughts – if you know how to read ’em.

The style of meditation I do, which truly amps mental power like nothing I’ve ever done before – oddly enough, I keep “stopping” this great practice for some reason or other over the years.

One of those things, we end up stopping – either consciously or not – doing what made us successful in the first place, or part of it!

Anyway, life comes full circle, so has it with me and my meditation techniques, all heavily focusing on the third eye.

That is not what I am here to talk about today though.

I’m here to talk about eyes in a different manner.

What do I mean?

Certainly not beauty, or how brown my own are, it’s about looking at the other person – and telling – with a glance – if he’s even trained – if he has, what is his status THESE days – hell, if I know a person well, I can tell if he’s done pushups this morning or not (and I’m usually right when I ask the person about it).

Maybe some of that sounds unbelievable?

I understand (but it is not).

What I do know though, that even experienced coaches and bodyweight exercises gurus like us need a kick up the RUMPUS every so often.

If not from myself, then from someone “around me”.

And that kick to the rumpus came from John Walker a few weeks ago, who noted I was looking way more out of shape in the videos.

Some of them, at any rate.

Now, admittedly my schedule the last year – I’ve been VERY busy promoting everything here for one – left me with less time to train than most people and it showed for a while.

That and other constraints (ever wonder how prisoners for one can exercises all day long with no other care in the world – its beacause they HAVE no other care in the world at that point, literally. Not much else you can do behind bars).

Reminds me of what my buddy from the Marines said about me when filming Battletank Shoulders (not him filming it) …

“Thats all you do! It’s your life! You workout !”

Well, as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, as Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, you HAVE to make it your life.

You have to make it a burning desire, an obsession, if it is not already.

Obviously priorities change at some point, though I must say at no point was I ever a phat phocker like I was before, or even CLOSE to it – and certainly, looking at the bellies and rumps on most human turkeys out there, I was positively slim even then.

But I’m not most people.

I set high standards.

Part of that means my body responds to ultra brutal and nothing else – because thats what it’s gotten over the past few years.

Over the last year, I still trained – doing workouts that would kick most people in the can just by thinking about it.

But what is ultra tough for you – I need to amp it by 10 to make it “tough” for me and the results to keep coming.

So anyway …

No excuses there.

But when viewing one of the great videos I made a couple of weeks ago, something I emailed you about this morning, this phrase came to mind.

“The eye of the trainee”.

Now that I’m back on a gradually amped up exercise routine – I’m looking at myself again with that “eye”.

And I see the bloat starting to creep in.Hehe.

And go it must, and it is – which explains why despite writing a lot, I haven’t been putting a lot of time into videos – as of late.

That will change very soon though.

(as soon as the dreary, dark weather outdoors does).

(and, as soon as I can find people to seriously film me for a long video or something).

But … for now?

GO here to watch the video on stick isometrics I showed you.

And TELL me if you can do what I say in the video.

That video, my friend, is one of the secrets to isometrics – and the oldtime greats, Alexander Zass included – ALL used it.

After watching the video, pick up Isometric and Flexibility Training right NOW, because the book truly is a one of its kind, BEST book out there.

It WILL dramatically increase your strength, endurance, explosiveness – at whatever you do – and make you flexible and limber like a wild cat too – if you just do the thing.

Do it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One thing I do not plan upon doing is changing the “bare bones” look of either my books or products – or VIDEOS. The last is key, especially with all the fancy jumble people put into their videos. Id rather just give it to you straight in black and white (or red, one of my favorite colors, hehe) as I do in my books. If that works, great, if not, well, thats fine as well, but THAT part ain’t gonna change (I got someone asking me why I didnt use nice backgrounds etc for the videos instead of the old mattress you see).

Well, coz, thats how I AM, and dont plan on changing. The info matters, thats all that counts. Period.

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