Know what really, really sucks about this Nazi feminist BS?
- The "silent suffering" inflicted upon...

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I suppose I could start this one with a rant on how Nazi feminists ruin lives – including their own – do their best to pull down anyone thats actually doing anything of note – everything I’ve spoken about in the past -and so forth,but I won’t.

While thinking about it this morning, you know what saddens me about this whole mess?

Take my so called marriage – which is sometimes at “divorce” status, sometimes not (dont ask, hehe) …

It’s not so much the “me” i.e. Rahul part I’m referring to here.

Ultimately a man, a real man finds a way to leave the situation – for good.

The poor sops that don’t, or refuse to – well, the Nazi feminists usually leave ’em.

Or, one party compromises and seethes silently the rest of his or her life – which again is not ideal, but thats an adult making a choice.

Unfortunately, without knowing it, guess who suffers the most in most of these cases?

The kids.

There’s usually at least one, if not more involved…

I will always remember the look of sadness and disappointment on my daughter’s face – growing up, and even now, all she wanted was a “normal” family – with Mommy and Daddy sitting down together to eat, talking at the dinner table, not always at loggerheads with each other.

With her mom (my wife) – its always a constant babel of yelling “do this, do that” and other idiotic advice which even she laughs at that my daughter gets.

With me, I help her all I can, she knows it, but beyond a certain point, dealing with Nazi feminists – well, I’m not going to do it, I dont, and she knows it.

It’s the sadness I often see in her eyes, or more to the point, hear in her VOICE – and the way it affects her growing up that bothers me, yet, I know there isn’t much I can do about it.

Sad part?

This sort of story is probably playing out silently in dozens of households globally, more than we know or read or hear about it.

No, throwing money at the situation doesn’t fix it either.

Over-doting grandparents (from whom the kids usually never want to return back to the “nasty ole home”) spoiling their grandkids with every bit of love they never gave their own children might make them feel good – both of them – but it doesn’t work either.

The root issue is family, until that one is addressed, nothing will change, it will just all keep going downhill.

I remember what a great customer once said upon reading Fast and Furious Fitness

“… Happier times, if women would only realize that life is about sometimes GIVING, and not always take, take take, then maybe things would be different”.

And he’s right.

My “wife” is proud about “taking money” (all she can extract) out of me. Hehe. Seems to be a badge of honor, the “shameless” part in all this.

“It’s good to be shameless”, she crows. 

Maybe it is if you’re independent and actually doing something.

Or maybe a shameless leech or a shameless hussy is a Nazi feminist thing.

Come to think of it, it is. Hehe.

Anyway, you guys dealing with it – there IS a way to combat – and profit – from this madness.

Learn how in the book right here.

You’ll want to get this book now, as I keep telling you, its truly hard hitting info in a way you have never ever seen before (on this subject).

Fitness wise, two things.

Remember that you can always give your kids the best gift ever – the gift of FITNESS – right HERE.

It starts NOW.

And remember too, you have to lead by example.

If you think you can get away with being a lazy slob while your kid turns into Superman, think again.

It works in reverse too, if you’re Mr Handstand Pushup, for instance, your kids will naturally take to that as well.

Become the fitness phenom that resides within you – all of us – by following the steps and exercises laid out in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

There’s a path to success at everything – part of that involves standing on the shoulders of giants who have done it before.

Fitness is no different, friend. Why should it be?

Grab the courses and books above, and start turning your life around TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

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