“I dont know. I only start counting the number of reps once they start to hurt!”
- So said Ali!

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I’ve spoken often about someone I consider a legend in boxing, despite all his continuing imperfections – Mike Tyson, and his famous sit up routine.

Situps, an exercise often ignored in favor of bunny crunches, and other idiotic gadgets you see on late night TV.

Big mistake.

Neither are they the same as crunches, nor are they profoundly useless like crunches are.

Sure, they’re not the only way to train the abs, and I feel there are better ways, but they aren’t a bad way at all, and there’s TONS of variations you can do, for one – that will keep your workouts fresh and enticing ALWAYS – as I detail in Corrugated Core.

They’re also great to strengthen the entire core and lower back.

Anyway …….. the POWER wheel is another great tool you can use to work the abs, and use with all your other exercises.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness has a whole section devoted to just that – i.e. training with the power wheel, so you KNOW it’s good.

Everyone from martial artists, to boxers, and movie stars – and the every day Jane or Joe Fonda – can – and should use this particular tool, my friend.

But anyway … with proper form.

Now, I was recently watching some videos of a Dutch dude that travels to India to swing clubs.

He’s got some pretty good and cool videos out there!

Certainly far less bare bones than my own videos – plenty of them – that I put out on this sort of training.

In one of those videos, in fact, All of them, I keep telling you – and keep getting ignored – PLEASE start with a weight you can handle.

If you’re a gym goer and think you can start off with 20 kgs or even 10, well, you’re wrong friend.

You’re advised and I say this constantly to start small, because these clubs because of their shape and the mass distribution are NOT regular weights you lift in the gym – when you start, 5 kgs will feel like 50 if you do it right.

And this dude has been doing it for years, Dutch dude.

Yet, the latest video he put out, he was training with 22 kgs for the first time.

And – in the middle of the video ?


He smacked himself one on the side of the head. Hehe.

Just like I show you in the videos, just like has happened to me too, and thats why I keep telling YOU not to rush on the weight numbers here!

Get the form down pat, no matter how much you think you don’t need it.

CHECK the ego in at the door.

And get your pre-order in for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness NOW, as always, a pioneering book in that regard.

Now – is that the sort of hurt the above quote refers to?


That was something the great Muhammad Ali said , someone with so much HEART that even when on his deathbed, when all his organs had failed, that great HEART of his kept beating for 30 minutes before he finally passed (I ain’t even kidding) about situps.

“I dont know”, he replied when he was asked how many he did.

“I only count when the reps start to HURT!”

No doubt Ali didnt mean this literally, but there is a lot to learn from that quote above.

It’s really when you do an exercise in proper form that you’ll understand what it means.

To not worry so much about rep numbers, but HOW you do the exercise.

How your breathing during it, how it makes you FEEL at the deepest level.

How the exercise taxes your entire system – from the inside out.

The table pushup, for one, is one in which FORM is horribly and grotesquely MANGLED for the most part – even by those with good intentions.

If you ain’t feeling the pushup at the base of your neck, you ain’t doing it RIGHT, period.

I realize that might sound like a shock to you – much like my statement a few days ago on “if all that burns during Hindu squats are your thighs”, you’re not doing them right.

How can that be, people asked.

Well, do the doggone exercise RIGHT, pull out your wallet to invest in the System and LEARN instead of just constantly asking away, and you might learn how – and why ….

Anyway, there’s a lot to be learnt from Ali’s above quote.

See if you can find more than what I just said.


Rahul Mookerjee

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