36.5 hours and counting …
- "It continueth"

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I should be fatigued, out of it, unable to think, type, write…


None of that, my friend.

As the impromptu fast extends on, 36.5 hours and counting – I’m having my “black tea” now, but without milk, so I doubt that counts as “breaking it” … my thoughts? Feelings?

Well, first off, I can – since yesterday – already feel the increased rush of testosterone through my whole body.

I dont know what, or why, but my normal taipos seem to have gone away too – temporarily, at least.

While I’m known for being precise and “on the point” – or “on target”, mentally, I feel BANG ON.

My oh my.

They say this sort of thing sharpens visual and mental acuity like nothing else, and I’m feeling it right now – was since yesterday.

Physically, I dont feel like anything at all is out of the ordinary, except, I can feel the “Eat More – Weigh Less” effect going on “fat burning big time while at rest” – except here it’s “Fast more, Burn more”.


Exercise wise, I’ll be jumping into exercise soon – I wrote to you about that yesterday.

No negative side effects at all …

And thankfully, other than an idiotic comment I received on this from Bozo Schofield in Brum – I haven’t received anything stupid at all.

People emailed me to ask how it was going, they were curious etc, but all valid questions, and I’ll address them all in the Ship forums.

Couple of interesting tweets, then, one from the Bozo, and one from someone else –

This one from “I’m the vaccinated guy your Mommy has been looking for”.

Gonna have a cheat day tomorrow Star-struckStar-struck its gonna be my 23rd cheat day of this month but that’s none of your business

All I could reply to this was “LOL”.

Then, of course, Bozo Schofield.

He showed up under one of his alters “Maria”.

(that was some fat woman he scammed in the Phillippines, apparently the same one he codgered into sending the racist tweets about me in a wechat group years ago)

I should like it,’ said poor.

Dormose shook his teacup” says her profile – although looking at her, it seems more and more like Glyn dressed in drag, right down to the red toenails and such.

Bozo does some things right, it seems. Sigh.

I dont know if Bozo is still in the “dark” back alley behind a bar in Brum he was last seen, head up in dumpster, not a far sight off from Jieyang in China when he was unceremoniously dumped out of Chuck’s beer house “by the seat of his pants” as it were, and ended up drunk and sleeping it off in his underwear on the streets,- until he woke up and headed off to the cops to beg for mercy.

I pity the poor police in Jieyang. Hehe.

Anyway, I dont know. Poor?

Those oranges stacked to the ceiling for one …

Come to think of it, if I do break this fast, or WHEN I do – an ORANGE will be the first thing I’m going to have. Hehe.

And thats the update from here, my friend.

Fitness wise, remember, again, this isn’t something you HAVE to do necessarily.

But a lot of you might find it just the kick up the wazoo you need – if you’re working out hard (or so you think) but you’re still not losing weight in the right areas, then what you’re putting INTO your body – might be a great time to take a look at that now.

As a side note, I remember a conversation my “wife” was having with my little girl once when she was refusing to “go” as it were.

That stomach of yours, sweetie! Nothing comes in, nothing goes out….

(said as my daughter was on the dumbphone happily oblivious to everything else going on out there).

(and, her reluctance to put anything remotely HEALTHY into her mouth. Hehe. Pasta, chocolate, cake, junk, all goes, but anything healthy – no way! LOL)

Just hilarious!

You’d think for me that the “coming out” part wouldn’t be applicable with nothing going in but you’d be amazed at how our bodies “super cleanse” when allowed to.

Trust me when I say this, a lot of that “flabbage” around the midsection is more bloating and constipation – for most people – than actual weight gain, though that is there too.

And my isometrics, specifically some of the SQUATTING isometrics I teach – are key to resolving this situation.

If you have not yet picked up Isometric and Flexibility Training, then stop making excuses, postponing the inevitable, and get this book NOW.

Really, I dont know what some of you are waiting for in this regard.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Ditto for the pre-order for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, I know you want it, but some of you are still “waiting”. For what?? Time waits for NOBODY, my friend. Get on this NOW, because like I said, 2022 will be the year this book comes out, and yes, the price will go UP when it does, so reserve your copy NOW.

PS #2 –  A lot of you lazy asses out there might be thinking “fasting is the ticket”.

I’ll sit on my ass, eat nothing, and the weight will fly off.

No it won’t either.

You have to incorporate solid exercise and deep breathing into your routine for it to work, my friend. Else you’ll simply slow down your metabolism and start gaining even faster once you start eating again.

(and if you sit and do nothing, then all the side effects the so called experts rant about – YES, they WILL apply then)

Sorry, no “easy way” out . . .

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