EVerything seems so much more … PROFOUND!
- Indeed it does at a deeper level!

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Everything, my friend. Everything.

I was going to make this one about pushups, but that would be doing a very gross disservice indeed to the rest of it.


Mental visualizations.

Women. (yes, hehe).

LUST (ties into the above).

ATTRACTION (ties into it all).

Back to the physical, PUSHUPS. They just feel – each rep feels DIFFERENT internally, as I feel my heart and cardio system not even getting out of breath, but when it does, oh boy.

I can literally FEEL the fat burning, and new muscle forming.

I can literally FEEL myself sliding into advanced stretches I have never done for years.

(not in Isometric and Flexibility Training, wait for Volume Two on that one).

I can feel my joints moving in a natural manner and getting LUBRICATED with not just each stretch, but each movement.

Life – everything – just seems much more profound when you remove the “attachments”, and just BE – just DO.

Ive always done that.

Now, I’m taking it to the very next level.

I highly suggest YOU too follow my lead if you so choose, and truly feel what it feels like to be an ANIMAL, free and UNFETTERED, and so forth.

Speaking of which …

My ELASTICITY has improved, and I was already pretty flexible so thats saying a lot.

It ain’t even been 48 hours into the fast, 40 and 15 minutes thus far.

I’m going to tell you one damn thing.

People say the effects start to kick in after 24 hours, so do the hunger pangs, and all the negative so called side effects.

For me, a whole new world is opening up, both mentally, spiritually, and PHYSICALLY.

That isn’t to way I plan on, as my “wife” likes to say “Hawa Pani pe Jeena”

i.e. live on air and water. Hehe.

Though certain saints meditating on one leg in the Himalayas seem to do it … I’ll stick with the saintly (truly – crack the book open, you will see what I mean) – “meditation” pull-ups I describe in Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD – within WEEKS!

It’s an exercise that has not been put out by anyone out there, period.

It’s a style of pull-up that will CHANGE your life – if you just DO it.

And it’ll give you flexibility in the groin and lower back that you can only dream of now, not to mention “build control” down there.

Anyway …….

I highly, highly suggest YOU to do – if you so choose – what I am – occasionally.

You dont have to go for as long as I like, even a few hours without stuffing your gourd, and if youre in tune with your body, you’ll see and feel the results (provided you exercise normally otherwise).

Well, my friend, thats it for now. The only other exercise combo I can think of that gives you this PROFOUND feeling – without any change in diet whatsoever – are the combos mentioned in “Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands“.

Get this book NOW if you have not already.

And I’ll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Pushup Central is a must grab, if just for the sheer plethora of movements in it. You’ll never ever get bored with exercise again!

Combine with Kiddie Fitness if you have kids.


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