A great mini review for “Eat More – Weigh Less”, and more…
- From the Pacific Northwest, this!

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Cramer, a reader and an “Eat More – Weigh Less” customer from the Pacific Northwest sent this one in!

But before I get to that …

I ended – again, as abruptly as I started, my “self imposed” fast last night – 48 hours into it.

Now, as I’ve been telling you, I experienced literally NO deleterious side effects during this fast, despite doing it for the very first time in my life (that is right, I’ve never ONCE fasted in my life – because it isn’t necessary if you dont want to).

Neither did I experience loss of strength, vision, “down there”, or any of the other nonsense people (and the so called experts) keep babbling about.

I’ve been doing over 50 pull-ups, 100 pushups, over 250 squats, and more -much more – I’ve been doing advanced stretching – and so forth – over this period as well.

I wanted to walk outdoors too, and will today.

I felt great all throughout it, the only reason I ended it after 48 hours was “it was the first time I’ve done it”.

Truth be told, I could have kept extending it – and it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference provided I did it right.

That came out as “but” of difference first LOL.

Glyn Bozo aside, some butts may actually reduce if you do this!

Anyway, we are WAY too overreliant on food, stuffing food down our gullets at the right times and so forth.

“I have to eat too!”

True, we all do, but the quantity, the “when and how” – you’d be best served tearing the damn rule book in half while doing it.

As I do, and have done all my life.

Now, here’s the review – or “mini review” –

“I love it! I live in a hilly area, and I have been incorporating these movements into my daily routine 3x a week while on my Hikes. It just feels different, I get out of breath so quickly while walking the way you suggest and while doing it uphill and in the other formats you show in the Book.

Great work, keep it up, and I will be sharing my results on this soon too, but I can already see how this can… “

(he’s got a huge problem with the “belly of Buddha” if you get my drift).

He’s on Corrugated Core as well at home, but I’ve told him to do Eat More – Weigh Less – outdoors, and he is!

Now, remember again.

Much like with fasting, you dont HAVE to do these outdoors, but if you have a hill, or even a slope nearby, it amps the effects x 10.

Get on the course now, my friend, and you’ll see what people have been RAVING about.

Thats it for now (oh, remember the great offers – for those of you on the list – I sent you yesterday).

One was a Pushup Central offer, it expires TODAY THOUGH.

If you haven’t already – get on the stick NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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