What they said about “getting feedback first”
- More advice (well intentioned) that doesn't always work.

Ive been following with much interest, but not getting involved in some online debates going on in a Whatsapp group devoted to – marketing.

To me, most of it is elementary anyway “duh” and I NEVER get involved in these online debates of any nature as I’ve found them to be an utter waste of time and energy “look mama” is the vibe, and ‘I scored one’ – much like Glyn Schofield thinks, that is – and therefore, yours truly “sane and sensible” stays the fuck AWAY from it all.

One of the maxims being repeated ad infinitum in there is this.

Do NOT create a new product until and unless you create the sales page FIRST, get some feedback on IF your customers want it!

Now …

This is actually good advice, great if you think about it.

Many people make the mistake of creating a product first, and the sales page later.

The advice, and this is something most REAL gurus have said as well – do it the other way around.

Get the sales page out, GET some interest going, and then, and only then create the product – unless you want a box of books or whatever sitting around not selling for ages.

Except …

It ain’t (the advice) valid in all cases.

If that was what I had done, 0 Excuses Fitness would never have been born.

I did not always have 10000 plus people on my list to run things by first.

Even now, when I do, many times I’m met with resounding and deafening silence – such as my recent emails on the book (new book) on dips, which I asked YOU if you’d like to see, but there wasn’t much response at all.

Yet …

If that were the barometer I’d go by, Pushup Central, one of the most popular books around here by far – would never have seen the light of day.

Believe it or not, when I asked people, there was no response.

the typical bullheaded “we dont care” or “we won’t reply no matter what”.

If Jeff  Bezos had gone by that maxim for Amazon Prime, for which believe it or not, the reaction initially was very lukewarm, if at all, well, Amazon Prime may never have happened.

IF you feel it’s right, in your gut – then you forge ahead.

You just do it.

And you reap the whirlwind, good or bad – later.

“Its easier to DO something first than ask for permission”, as they say.

If you feel it’s right, just bloody do it.

Sometimes, often times, people don’t even KNOW what they want until they see the product in front of them.

Such as with Pushup Central.

And Amazon Prime, and the iphone, and many others.

Yet, other times?

Isometric and Flexibility Training, for one would never have come out – if it wasn’t for customer request.

Well, it might have, I dont know.

But it was really several folks that had asked that made me finally put out the product, and it was a hit, bar none.

So, “all depends” on this one, mi amigo(s) and amigettes…

In the meantime …

Remember, Advanced and Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training is at pre-order stage, and judging by the WARP speed at which I’m moving on this, it will be released shortly as well – at REGULAR Price very soon.

If you want in on the special pre-order price, get in now.

The stick isometrics section alone will be so worth it, I guaran-damn-tee you, and when Rahul Mookerjee guarantees something, you know its for good reason and it happens.

Thats it for now.

Back again … soon!


Rahul Mookerjee