The secret power behind SQUATS – any kind – and FROG walks.
- YES! The hamstrings!

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My friend,

I hadn’t specifically posted about this before – but those who’ve got Animal Kingdom Workouts, truly one of my best ever and a book that is ONE of it’s kind – truly (like Pushup Central and a lot of my other books, I nigh challenge you to find one like it, let alone better) – will know a bit about this.

As I get done with the release of “Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training” which many of you cannot wait to get (hint – dont – its out – get it NOW before the price increase) …

I just see a video from a fitness guru showing – and confirming, partially, one of the best exercises in the book – which I’ve shown in the “level one” section.

Thats right.

It’s called kicking with your hamstrings in a way that most people would never think of, yet animals in the wild do it naturally.

It ain’t front kicks or side kicks, though I teach isometric versions of that too which you must get damn good at.

For now though, lets focus on one thing.


I just got done with 50 holding a 15 kg Indian club in one hand.

I just got done with 10 pull-ups, and a mini club workout – and a mini squatting session (and stretching).

Now, when you first start squatting, it will take you a long ,long time to get to 40 Hindu squats – or more – in a ROW.

Trust me on this one.

Once you do though, the numbers increase quick – but while you do so, you’ll notice your thighs burning like nothing youve ever done before – this holds true both for bodyweight and Hindus, if you follow proper form and do ’em at the right candence i.e. keep going.

I’ve spoken often about the importance of, while you’re training quads yes, the main impetus for even the squat comes from the BACK of the body.

You might think sore thighs are limiting you, in reality, it;s often – yes – hamstrings. (and butt to a degree).

And one of the greatest ways to recover from a set of hard squats?

Well, one is the kick above – taught in the new book.

You may want to do this all day (if you’ve ever noticed dancers, and how they walk, even when they’re not dancing, how they seemingly flit from foot to foot so gracefully, then you’ve got PART of the answer) …

… but what you really want to do while recovering from squats – getting ready for another long round?

Well, FROG walks.

And again, because these open up the hamstrings like never before, friend.

In one of the eight workouts detailed in “Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training” – I talk about this.

Which the guru hasn’t – as yet – in his video.

But as I watch people putting stuff out AFTER I do, I wonder just how many are following me “secretly”.

A hell of a lot, I know that much.


Truly the leader of the pack is yours truly “humble” – just not the brat pack. Hehe.

Anyway …

you’ll want to get the above book NOW, my friend.

And as for the eight workouts, I could probably put out 80 and still not be done with it.

Thats the beauty of isometrics, and indeed bodyweight exercises, just so much you can do, so many different permutations and combinations you cannot get with just weights, period.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Lumberjack Lodestone fitness is very much STILL on the cards, for those wondering, so place your pre-order NOW if you ain’t already, though I might have Advanced Plyometrics out soon. Catch as catch can on that one!

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