“Wowwwwwwwwwwww” content that “desperately needs promos”.
- Sometimes, the desperation shouts out. Hehe.

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I keep getting these comments flooding my inbox.

“Great Seo for you!”

Or, for Instagram “You have such great content, wouldn’t it be good if you can get to X number of followers, bla bla bla”.

I’m used to it.

But this morning as a certain “Simone Naomi” posted the following –

wow. This content desperately needs P r o m o s m!!

I gotta stop and write to you about it, lol.

I’m not sure what exactly she meant, or if she’s referring to the training, or if she’s working for “one of those companies” …

A basic Indian club workout… – YouTube  – the video.

And my comment –

Promote away! LOL …

Funny, the way she said it.

But whatever it is, I’ll admit a few things.

One, I ain’t especially interested in getting X number of followers, I’d rather have a far lesser number of followers – the “cream of the crop as it were”, I’d rather focus on the shiny quarters, not so much the dimes, certainly not the pennies, yes, “even in these times”.

Two, I’ll be the first one to admit I should be promoting my videos MORE.

Especially the club training, lots of people love it, lots of people dont know how to do it ,and this is the sort of training that needs to be “shown” to people.

I just swung my club two days ago as I wrote to you about, and it just felt so great after a break!

And it’s a great, great way to train – building lots of strength – STABILITY – and FLEXIBILITY that I wrote to you about in the last email … all throughout the upper body.

Not to mention, something very important, when you train the hands, you train the BRAIN.

Your hands have the most number of neural connections to the brain, my friend, and doing Bozo Schofield like “hand training on the dumbphone” (admittedly Bozo aint the only one guilty of that – these little kids these days for one, so addicted to the dumbphone, get them away from it for a minute, ask them to find an idea or two to write to someone about, they sit there and stare into space – so much has the dumbphone CORRODED their brains – mindless videos all day long will do it!) … or while “fingering himself” as Glyn likes to put it – won’t cut it.

When you train with Indian clubs, when you do stuff like fingertip pushups, when you do grip work, there is a reason you feel invigorated BEYOND the physical, the neural connections are part of that reason.

Not to mention the massive boost of testosterone Indian club training gives you …

And that, my friend, is yet another reason the “slackers” on this list – those that have not already – need to STEP up and place the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness now, my friend.

Your support is crucial, I’ve said this so many times already, yet some people -a lot – just “do nothing” and dont get it.

I can’t understand that for the life of me!

Anyway, that aside, the last thing – the least y’all can do with me putting all this content out is LEAVE more comments, SHARE the videos, it’s all free my friend.

Thats the best promotion I could ever ask for, what YOU really think, serious comments, positive, negative, glowing, not so glowing, whatever it is, just WRITE it publicly – or if you dont want to do so publicly, send them to me, and I’ll put it out to the rest of the list as I always do.

Nothing if not OPEN about it all – positive, negative, all of it am I! 

And last, I prefer the written word, which is why for “donkey’s years” I didnt put out videos, combined with all the dancing monkeys in China it made me feel like a donkey doing so (not really, hehe) – but I plan on upping the ante there too very soon. Actually, I’ve been doing it pretty consisently as of late (because y’all love videos, lets face it, and sometimes even I do things that aren’t on my favorites list. Hehe) 

I’m out.

Gawd, whats the world coming to when an eight year old “can’t find ideas”…



Rahul Mookerjee

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