Huang Qi Shan, Dongguan Shi
- The HILL!

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That, my friends is the name of the HILL – the hill I love so much – the HILL – I speak about so much – the HILL – where I met the glorious “Miss Lee” (who literally kicked my ASSIMUS there) – and those comments that unknowingly on her part pushed me to get into the best shape of my life – the hill I climb so often , write about so OFTEN…

I’ve got plenty of pictures of it, of course. Those of you on Instagram have seen some …

But being the “video avert” (aversion, hehe) I am – I’ve never taken a good video of that place.

A few days ago, I saw a great video of Qi Feng park – which is the sprawling, bustling park in which the hill is located.

Now, I didnt think of sharing it with ya’ll that day.

But I want to now!

Admittedly, this dude has focused more on the running and cycling tracks in the park, which most people use. (far easier than the hill, hehe).

Which is fine though …

Hey, I did my Advanced Hill Training SPRINTS in the heat of afternoon right here! (after my hill climbs and Battletank Shoulders! Workouts).

Towards the start of the video, you see a “left turn” with two girls walking on the path perpendicular to it (yes, I can never get rid of the “manual” language can I.Hehe).

And, THAT is ONE of the routes to the HILL, the almighty hill, there are plenty more, you see some in Advanced Hill Training .

If you go down that path, you reach the area with the pull-up / monkey bars – where I photographed so many of my products!

This park, my friend, this hill will always have a very special place in my heart for obvious reasons.

And so, I want to share it with you ….

Here is the link – QiFeng Park in Dongguan City, China. 旗峰公园 – YouTube

I’ve asked the dude to post more videos of the actual hill, lets see if he does it.

(being it’s Chinese New Year now – btw – for those that believe in it – happy new year of the TIGER! – ain;t no wonder I’ve been focusing on tiger like fitness the whole year – even before I knew it was the year of the Tiger , it may take a while).

But thats the park, the hill where it all started for me.

Maybe someday, it will for you too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve no idea who the guy is, but the video is great!

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