More on the folly of “I am” affirmations that the so called Gurus with X x 100 followers spout!
- I keep seeing this more and more ...

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I’m rich!

I’m happy!

I’m someone that attracts success!

I speak perfect English!


Yada, Nada, Schnada.

The words roll off the lips of those “desperately trying” and being coached, semi coached or whatever by an idiot with X number of followers on Joo Tube that claims “think you are, and it will happen!”

What a lot of these idiots fail to tell you, and what they KNOW they’re not telling you is this – that the Universe aint going to BRING it to you.

Yes, you move in the direction you WANT (not necessarily consciously think) – and FOCUS upon – even when you’re not feeling like you’re moving in that direction.

But the bottom line is this – its the WORK and hard yards that gets you there.

Its taking advantage of the opportunities that show up when you visualize that get you there – THAT is the key.

Yet, even that ain’t the real key.

If you’ve read Zero to Hero! – the introduction, you’ll KNOW what the real key is.

Without that, you can visualize all you like, and you might as well be sitting and twiddling your thumbs as all that visualization wont do a damn bit of good.

And more on the “I am…”

Other than the “I am happy NOW!” affirmation which sometimes works, I’d rather stay GROUND in the real world.

It’s one thing to see your successful.

Tracy, a student of mine learning English (and more) from me knows this.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, in the FIRST Commandment of Physical (and indeed LIFE!) success – I tell you what I told her i.e. to visualize and see yourself there.

But once you see and FEEL yourself there, and do so with deep, unmitigated EMOTION – it’s time to DO the work.

And doing the work means you recognize where you are NOW.

Which is basically “you arent at your goal YET”.

If you’re not rich, then you’re not rich now. And affirming it to yourself won’t do a damn bit of good – in fact, it will move you AWAY from the goal.

If you’re not fit, same thing.

If you’re not “a good speaker of English” (that was how it was put, hehe) then writing “I speak fluent English” until the cows come home won’t cut it.

If you’re someone who “wants your husband to give you millions of dollars every year for doing seemingly nothing” – then writing it, speaking it, affirming it wont make it happen unless the other person wants to (it might if he’s a soft sop, hehe – but even then WANT is the key).

(and if you truly WANT, you’ll do what it takes to MAKE it happen – even the uncomfortable parts of it – which most people SKIP).

That, my friends is the lesson.

Nothing great was achieved without struggle, fitness included.

Its recognizing where you are now – while seeing yourself where you want to BE – that really does the trick.

Zero to Hero! is a great read, if you haven’t gotten it already get it now – and enjoy!


Rahul Mookerjee

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