Rising above problems vs “problem solving”
- An interesting take on it!

Its amazing, how much the “gurus” talk about things – things that they claim most people need to learn – things yours truly has been doing on auto pilot ever since he can remember.

And as I was reading a PDF of a book I bought from a well known author (well, I think he’s well known), he was referring to problem solving.

The thing many people have about “solve this problem NOW!”

It’s not a bad thing to be a problem solver.

But when you’re aiming for the stars, shooting for the SKY -sometimes, its far better to FOCUS on your GOALS – not the many problems that seem to pop up every time you really set your heart on something.

Lots of gurus claim that “visualize it with feeling, and you’ll have it”.

This is true.

But what the nitty gritty of life tells you is that every time you shoot for a goal – something that allows you to “be the crab that breaks free” – you’ll suddenly find the whole world seemingly lining up against you – not FOR you – as you “work towards the goal”.

Yet, you’re still moving towards your goal daily provided you keep DOING the thing.

Do the thing, and you shall have the power.

And to me, I’ve always found it far better to look “above the problems” and long term as it were.

Some problems, of course, can never be solved – one key one for me in my life being living with “family”.

ie a choice between jumping to the wife’s dictates or Mommy dearest, yours truly “bad boy” could never do either, and never has.

Charles the former friend once made the comment about “how easy I’d have it if I just listened to them” (coming from someone that don’t exactly even HAVE a relationship with his own mother).

At the time I was dealing with tons of China visa hassles, so I get where he was coming from.

To me, looking back, I’ll take those hassles and then some over the alternative any fuckin day!

Point being this though, some problems are never solved.

You’re better spending energy getting to your goal – once you do, youll automatically rise above your problems – such as in my case above (life, unknowingly handed me the solution to this one!).

May sound contrary to how most people think i.e. “solve this problem first”, but I’ve found it best long term to focus on what youre creating.

Not to the exclusion of all else, it doesn’t need to be taken to giddy limits, but for the most part.

Recognize two things, problems will always be there, there will always be unsolvable problems, rising UP and above is the ticket and KEY, my friend.

Now ……….

…. fitness wise, how does this apply?

If you’re lean, yet cannot gain strength in your arms no matter what (there’s tons of folks out there like that too!) – what do you do?

You rise ABOVE the problem.

You focus on compound body exercises like pull-ups, for one – getting from DUD – to STUD – literally within WEEKS -and the arm strength takes care of itself if you do things right.

If the fat around your obliques won’t shift no matter what?

Well, you stop spot attacking it with idiotic movements hoping it will go away.

You rise UP – and ABOVE it.

You attack the body “full body” through movements found in Advanced Hill Training – or Animal Kingdom Workouts – or some of my other superb training manuals.

(I’m not the only one that calls them superb either).

And so it is, friend.

Focus on the YOU you want to create, not the myriad variety of obstacles, problems cropping up etc, and youll find a lot of those “problems” disappearing as well if you adopt this technique.


Rahul Mookerjee

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