What Baba ji Rahul says….
- Holy Mackarel

Yours truly, the omnipresent and ever evolving, on his own – since birth – living in the flow – and chameleon “par excellence”.

Jason Bourne himself would do well to “learn”. Hehe.

Last night, a name popped up in a dream – much like the subconscious came to the great Napoleon Hill’s rescue so many times, much like it’s never failed ME before – it did the trick – again.

Or partially, at least.

We dont know what the final outcome is, but a name popped up, I contacted the name (for an issue I’ve been wrestling with a while now) – and we’ll see how it goes.

Out of the blue, I didnt even remember I had that contact – the contact remembered ME, but didnt remember my name.

If you dont call that the Magic of the Universe at play, I dont know what you’ll call it.

The Universe is truly bringing us ALL we want – all the time – at its own pace and in its own time.

Whether or not we’re receptive to it, well, only we know…

Anyway ………………..

Passing through China immigration either from HK or overseas, I’ve always had the “who are you” question directed at me.

This chameleon looks different in every picture – NOT by choice. Thats just the way it is for some people, my buddy from the Marines included.

Of course, add in dramatic weight loss for me, hair long or not … and well, …

“okok Babaaaaaaaaaaaaa” a certain Nandini just told me.

She’s a girl I’ve been talking to for a credit card related issue, for some reason, she just wouldn’t believe I’m Indian- despite her being Indian.

The plight of Mr Chamelon, or Babaji with long hair as I finally gave up and called her.

“Just find a solution, Princess”, I said despairingly.

I mean, what do you do when you send docs, but the person in front of you claims “you dont look indian, you dont sound Indian, you know so many FRoood” out there ” (so she said).

Like hell, I’m just trying to get my problem resolved!

(and this continued for over an hour before she finally calmed down)

Oh well.

(it’s entertainment for y’all on this list, no doubt. Her name in hindi translates to “Goddess” or something of that nature…)

Baba ji is back to his transcendal workouts …

If you want to join in, partake of the system right HERE.

Best ,

Baba “happily redneck from TX” Mookerjee

I swear, sometimes all you can do is what I once saw in China i.e. a boy pissing out the words “sometimes giving up is easier” …(in a manager’s office at a factory).