Why I dont take “blank calls”
- Another pet peeve

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Much like the Bozos (though admittedly for a few months Schofield, their leader has “gone to ground” – either he’s ended up back in the slammer, or he’s “in ass”, or high on pot, or whatever it is) messaging me saying hi, and nothing else  – another pet peeve of mine.

Yours truly never fail to chuckle when someone badgers my mom about “phone numbers” and she irritated slams the door i.e. “I dont want anyone calling me” – and when someone calls to report yours truly’s so called “wrong doings” (for which I was once called a “fugitive” – LOL – only problem being there was no case, no crime, no course – more Nazi feminist nonsense) … she gets even more enraged then ever.

That hardly happens now, of course, but it happened a lot back in the day with teachers calling up to report how “Mr Casanova” was flirting with girls by making bras out of handkerchiefs, that used to be Origami for certain sections of the gang. Hehe.

I’ll never forget the beatings, and “pillories” I received from both Mom and Dad for what I personally consider normal juvenile actions (not like the girls would do nothing with their short skirts, not like I was the only kid in school doing it, most importantly, not like anyone was actually, you know, touching each other, all kiddie stuff, but it enraged the Victorian era priestesses that passed for our teachers) …

(all of it of course, every time I happened, I remember thinking long term and “well, they can do this to me NOW, but later?”)

(thats the fine line you draw in parenting between understanding your kids and doling out the discipline, which my parents woefully failed at understanding – if they ever tried – Doubt my mother ever did).

“There’ll be hell to pay”, I once remember my Dad doing his impersonation of a tough guy which admittedly at that young age worked for me (since they’d been hollering at me non stop pretty much since I was born anyway).

Now, well… lol.

But anyway, that was one time where I took it upon myself to spend my summer vacation “blank calling” a girl I had a crush on, except no-one would allow us to actually do much so hiding behind the curtains at 12 or 13, I’d be blank calling, and they’d call back.

My Mom could never understand why so many blank calls came to our house. Hehe.

Dad once made the comment about “Rahul tells his numerous girlfriends to hang up when we answer”.

Well, wasn’t just Rahul that did that, hehe.

And I did my own version of blank calling too one summer vacation in boring ass Kolkata (I never wanted to spend summer hols there) to a girl who curiously enough I had given a Valentine’s day card earlier that year, I believe.

I scraped together some pennies I’d saved from the very grudgingly given RS 10 a week pocket money – and went to a local store named Archie’s Gallery, and blushing away furiously bought the damn card – and I was even more embarassed hiding it in the school bag, giving it to her.

(but hey, at least I got it. My wife apparently never GOT any pocket money at all)

(and hey, compared to today where it’s the polar opposite in terms of women – LOL again. We all gotta start someplace!).

Anyway, for some stupid reason I thought no-one would find out, sure enough ,end of holiday, they found out.

“Bad Boy” got a menacing look from Dad saying “if this had happened in my house, there’d be hell to pay”.

There’s always something to pay here, I remember thinking wryly though of course I did not say anything.

Sometimes I wish I had a Donald Trump version of a Dad who if he found out , he’d probably just tell me where to grab ’em. Hehe.

I wouldn’t grab them there, but you get the point. Hey, normal guy thing, and girls do it all the time too, but dont get much of the short end of the stick at all …

Anyway, my Uncle’s phone was on the hook, I sort of think being the smoker, drinker, and in general “enjoy life till the last breath” dude he was, he got a bit of a shock, but passed it off beyond that.

He was always one who found the positive in me, and I can’t say that about a lot of my relatives (except another one in the US who did too in a bit of an eccentric manner i.e. wolf, but he meant that in a positive manner, and he was right). Hehe.

He (maternal uncle, first guy) is the one that often shows up in my dreams too. There’s always a reason when he comes…

Anyway – blank calls aside, I’ve been receiving notes from many on the general list that they aren’t getting these emails.

True dat.

For a change, the entire list isn’t getting the emails.

Only the DOERS are. Ship members get all of this, of course, and more that no-one else gets … but bottom line, I got sick of sending out offers etc, I got sick of emails that people were eagerly reading, but the minute you ask them to buy something, it’s crickets – or “too expensive” … both of which dont make sense to me (for reasons already stated) – or other asinine “I need my Netflix, wah” reasons …

So now, its DOERS on the list that get these emails, period.

I might start emailing the list again someday (the whole list) when I get in the mood.

Until then, the doers also know that all emails are posted here, so those that do dont miss out either way, and thats the bunch I want to cater to.

All for now. Oh, doers, if you haven’t already- – pick up 0 Excuses Fitness now.

And place the pre-order for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness, I’ve been getting through some SIZZLING workouts on this one as of late. Truly going to be a book for the ages this one.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It’s interesting, aint it. Given my upbringing, you’d expect an extremely prudish school time, and it was that on the outside, but interally- hehe. Just goes to show you can never really STOP someone from doing what they really want. And now, as I sit here looking at my 80 plus collection of erotica, all NOT advertised on THIS site, and the fitness, both spheres where I was always told “not good enough” – my track record personally in both – and in selling both – and creating businesses on both – all I can point you to is the link on building businesses on hate. 


And, of course, anytime they say no…

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