Mental strength bar none
- Someething the idiots and Bozos dont get

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I still remember a college “friend” – well, I shouldnt call him a friend, he was someone that roomed with one of my best friends; that once made the comment about me doing pushups in the morning at the age of 19.

“Don’t focus too much on this!” he bawled. “Doing pushups will make you strong, but you’ll be empty up there” (like them!).

The “like them” was an idiotic and asinine reference to the “Indians are supposed to be smart, not brawny” rubbish – while the (whatever other) race he was referring to was supposed to be the opposite i.e. brawn, but not brain.

He was Bengali.

No wonder I’ve never gotten along with them too much.

His thinking was the same as my Moms, and to an extent Dad’s.

Yet, these fools don’t understand one damn thing.

Doing bodyweight exercises properly is about so much more than just strength and endurance.

It’s about MENTAL strength and internal health beyond a certain point.

Let me tell you, when you can do 500 squats – either Hindus or bodyweight – STRAIGHT – in 15 minutes or less, preferably 12, you’ll know you can handle ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING, any curve ball life throws at you.

You’ll have mental focus, discipline like most of the other Bozos and neighsayers could never dream of – you’ll be sailing through your day regardless with a “I can handle it” feeling.

You’ll be a beast.

Same thing for 100 at a time when you start – same thing for doing 100 pushups daily – or 100 pull-ups.

These workouts build so much more than just strength, it’ s NOTHING like pumping out sets of 10 at the gym – nothing at all.

Same thing for high rep club training.

When you can do 500 reps of 20 kgs clubs, you’re getting somewhere – as you are when you can jump rope for 2000 jumps straight.

Mental focus, and gumption bar none, and thats the lesson for this one.

Only those that have DONE it will know what I mean.

The rest of the fools fall into the “work your mind and not the body category”, and since these dumbasses will never comprehend or understand they both go together, well, fuck ’em.

And feed ’em fishheads.

Unless they dont pester me with their inane comments, in which case I’ll live, let live, be happy to do so – and support their right to be a lazy slob or what not.

Out for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -The compilation on isometrics is making WAVES, you OWE it to yourself to check this out NOW.

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