Yours truly, contrarian always…
- To an extreme!

But it’s always worked for me!

Lots of you – or some of you, actually have not been receiving some of my emails.

Or most.

And thats fine.

Wait, what did you say, I hear you ask.

Thats fine?

Well … yes, and no.

There comes a point in a man’s life, my friend – when “enough is enough”, and some of the idiotic, asinine comments I was getting from SOME people on the list made me stop and think seriously i.e. does the list even value what I do (i.e. not all, but jokers such as those people).

There comes a point when you put out offers – people read – but ignore. (again, I’m talking lots of people on the list, but – and this is important – NOT ALL).

There comes a point, and that point is now, where nigh everyone is boning up on “the Law of attraction” without knowing a fig about how to really attract – and browsing all the guru advice which either says email your list tons of times daily, or at least once a day, or…

Now, I’m a huge proponent of the once a day thing.

Thats why you have the free offer on the site!

I take it to extremes, admittedly – 10 a day sometimes. Hehe.

More value for no money …

But as of late, I’ve gone the other route.

As people “valiantly” up their marketing – I’ve “seemingly” downed it – big time.

Except I havent.

Lots of you on the list might not be getting the emails because of interaction, i.e. you just read and do nothing, the system auto filters you out now.

I dont have to deal with BS either, which is great.

Those that really want back in have emailed me and asked, they’ve been most graciously LET back in.

(this doesnt apply to Ship members, of course, they’re still getting the usual barrage from me).

Business death, I hear many of you saying.

Oh no.

Except, it’s the reverse.

I’m making more sales – not less.

That don’t mean you shouldn’t do what I’ve told you for so many times with regard to emailing or what not.

What it means, is you focus on what works – and the right areas – and segments – and that, friend, changes from time to time.

If you’re in tune with what is happening, you will KNOW where the real money is, where the buyers hang out – and that has changed now.

Most have no clue where.

Yours truly, always a step ahead!

Anyway – some free biz advice for those interested. take it or leave it.

And in the meantime, workout right FIRST – because the two DO go together.

Learn how right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

ps – i’M A lot happier not dealing with the BS – really. And preserving my sanity, to me is HUGE… 

Not to mention, customer service is one thing, but when you have buffoons like some of the ones I’ve mentioned in this emails taking nigh advantage, it’s time to “draw a line in the sand”. 

So be it.

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