Bodyweight squats develop powerful, tensile strength in the legs.
- Something that cannot be matched by anything.

This morning, I woke up – heading on to the kitchen for my green (or red, depending upon how you look at it) – tea.

I made it.

But while making it, I noticed something.

My legs felt … different.

I dont know how to say it, but they felt “springy”. Elastic.

And its different from the feeling I got when climbing mountains all day long -which gave me long, lean, POWERFUL legs and the look of an ironman yes – but the “feeling” is different.

I had this feeling to an extent when I was creating the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and worked exclusively with these exercises (the ones I promote in the system).

But THESE days, along with a special, patented “tiger like” movement I show you in Isometric and Flexibility Training – ADVANCED – and moving about like a tiger like I show you in Animal Kingdom Workouts – and doing the frog jump, duck waddle – as I show you in the above book – I’ve been just feeling different in the legs.

It’s like I could literally leap a building to get to my prey!

There is a reason, my friend, bodyweight squats are HUGE and numero uno amongst dancers, ballet practitioners – martial artists – wrestlers – and so forth.

There is a huge reason too the BALLS Of the feet are emphasized in most movements in these activities.

Not all, but most.

And hindu squats like I teach you in the System, my friend are the first thing you should get good at – damn good at – if you want legs like what I just mentioned.

No, you won’t get thighs that look unnaturally huge with veins running up and down them.

But take one of those bodybuilders, get them to do 50 Hindu squats, they won’t be able to walk for days after doing the exercise – guaranteed.

Or, REGULAR bodyweight squats, something I have not covered a lot, but I will in upcoming courses – excellent, excellent exercise.

But the REAL key to this springy feeling is not just the squats, though they provide the foundation and stability.

It’s the “loosening” tiger like movement I mention in Isometric and Flexibility Training – Advanced.

When you get good at this, you’ll literally be prancing around like a tiger all day long without even knowing – or realizing it.

You won’t just feel different – PEOPLE will feel a different vibe coming off you.

Lean, mean, animal like, fighting machine …

Combine all of the above my friend – and you cannot go wrong.

And that endeth this one – oh, before I go, do NOT forget to add in pull-ups, pushups and such as well.

But lower body wise, thats the trick …


Rahul Mookerjee

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