How to build flexibility even if youre “stiff as an iron dog” or BORN that way.
- .... and it "dont" take near as long as you might think.

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I’ll tell you one thing, my friend.

We all have weaknesses that we need to work upon.

That weak link in the chain is often what leads to one’s “downfall” – both physically – and otherwise.

Strengthen the weak links, and the strong ones get stronger automatically – and the weak changes into “Strong”.

For me, thats always been (as people that know me would attest) my GRIP – and my hamstrings.

For years now, my grip certainly hasn’t been one of my weak points, I’m sure anyone that is even halfway accquainted with this site knows that!

But my hamstrings – I’ve spoken about them often.

No matter how much I train them, no matter how much I stretch them – they’ve always remained a super weak point for me.

I’ve never been able to touch my toes – until a few years back.

Yes, the bodyweight exercise Guru is saying this!

And, I’ve never been able to get into some of the awe inspiring stretches – like the splits etc – until a few MONTHS ago.

More than awe inspiring, and I’ve often said this – when you stretch RIGHT – while strengthening at the same time, and this holds especially true for the hamstrings, you do more than just open the meridians of the body up in a super charged, turbo manner you cannot do otherwise – you open your life up.

In Isometric and Flexibility Training, a very well received book on this – a book that will have you touching your toes within minutes even if it’s been a chore your entire life – I spoke about the feeling of sang froid.

Being on cloud nine – all day long.

And a “relaxed” feeling that cannot be replicated even with fine babes massaging you on the beach while you sip your beer, margarita or whatever.

OK, maybe it can’t replace the babes Hehe.

But … point stands.

The splits are often something people want to do, yet cannot.

Most people think it takes years and years of “hard” training to do ’em right.

Well, you’d be amazed, I’m sure if I told you that DEEP BREATHING – and DAILY progress – are the keys to this.

I can increase your flexibility in the splits by INCHES – more than one inch – within a DAY if you follow the instructions in my advanced book on isometrics – Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training.

I can have you touching your nose to your shin in some of the hamstring stretches I teach very easily indeed with the right BREATHING.

My coaching clients will attest to this as well.

THe mistake most people make is to stretch BEFORE they train.

Mistake numero uno that  – you stretch either WHILE Training, or after, but not before.


Trying to “force” the stretch – especially some of the back bends and forward stretches.


You BREATHE into the stretch, and command your muscles to “do the thing”, and slowly, they will if you visualize it right.

Yes, you need to put in the time training, but not nearly as much as you’d think, my friend.


Thinking “it’s all about genetics”.


Much like anything else, being genetically predisposed – or not – to anything doesn’t mean you can’t excel at it – flexibility included.


It’s just flexibility! Pah!


Kicking someone in the head repeatedly from a standing position as done in martial arts requires flexibility, strength, BALANCE, timing and co-ordination.

If all you did daily was 100 kicks on both legs properly – you’d be in great shape, my friend.

And many more mistakes people make that I haven’t covered here.

Yes, I realize what I have to say on the topic takes most “expert opinions”, kicks them in the can and out the window – but results speak, mine back up my words.

And that, my friend, is all there is to it.

Last, but not least, remember, this world famous series is now available in compilation format HERE – if you’re looking for quantum leaps in strength and flexibility, and improved performance in all (exercises and otherwise) you do then you owe it to yourself to get this NOW.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve been amazing even myself with some of what I can do, which I’ll be sharing shortly – which in 40 plus years, I’ve never been able to do. Not while doing 500 pushups daily, or 100 pull-ups daily, or climbing hills for hours a day, but I can do it NOW.

This book Is the TICKET, my friend, get it NOW.

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