“Stretching is just fantastic for the whole body!”
- So he said...

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So said a somewhat “tubby” yet great guy – out there in the park today while I was doing pull-ups in the evening.

At least, thats the gist, I forgot the exact words, but thats what he meant.

“Stretching is great for the entire body!” he said, and then told me “why”.

It ensures that the “calcium” remains in your bones according to him …


Stretching right is indeed GREAT, and one of the best things you can do for yourself, period, but bone strength, density, I’d say while certain poses can add to them, its really pushups, pull-ups, squats, sprints and other heavy duty stuff that really get the bones robust in that regard.

Dont get me wrong, again – there are tons of good things I could say about stretching, and have in both the books (and compilation) on it.

“Thats pull-ups though”, I smiled.

But you’re right, I went on. Dead hangs do indeed stretch the entire spine out – and build STRENGTH throughout the upper body – ferocious strength to boot.

Then I went on to give him the old martial arts maxim of “it matters not if you have the flexibility to kick someone in the head without the strength / power behind the kick to knock him out”. Hehe.

Think about it…

Anyway, my routines have been drawing a lot of attention as of late…

I remember writing to you last week about kids being great imitators, and how a barely a year old or so kid was trying to imitate me in one of the groin stretches I do.

“Stretching……………….” the lady was saying.

(before I said my part about kids being great imitators!).

Out there today there were some ladies jumping rope.

“From 9 to 12, thats progress”, giggled one.

I dont know what to say to that one. So I didnt! Hehe.

(though she’s right, it IS progress in a sense, and if you’re that far gone that 9 jumps is too much, and many people ARE,then yes, that is precisely how you progress).

One step at a time…

Then, some ladies jumping rope – and doing jumping jacks with light weights.

All well and good, but I kept wondering, and constantly do when I see folks working out …

where be the SQUATS – high rep squats that form the foundation for it all.

The pull-ups – or dip – or both.

And of course, pushups – at least a 100 of them …

People ignore the basics – way too much.

Hey, I’m not saying you have to do 100 pushups and 1000 squats daily, even if you did 500 Hindu squats daily, thats still a hell of a workout.

My own routine is currently squats, pull-ups (and pushups, but the main focus is not on them) – and lumberjack training …

And stretching, plenty of it – and STRENGTHENING while I’m at it.

Speaking of which, all the interest in stretching, well, it just explains why both my books on isometrics are so damn popular, my friend.

And if you’re looking to save a few bucks, here’s the compilation for you …

Get it NOW.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee


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